Founder & CEO

Robert Wallace

Rob is a former athlete that has experienced the pain and  difficult recovery from a torn ACL during his athletic career. He saw the need for athletes to recover better between competitions as he watched his kids compete and found limited access to performance recovery so he started his own.


Grade School Student Specialist

Colton Wallace

With childhood obesity continuing to rise Colton has been tasked with helping kids 12& under learn the need for proper nutrition.  Using the facts learned from his dad Colton lost 20 pounds in 3 months.


High School Athlete Specialist

Alexa Wallace

Alexa has been a competitive swimmer since age six and through those years has faced numerous injuries.  She has been tasked with the job of helping student athletes the importance of proper recovery methods after training.


College Student Specialist

Kenneth Wallace

Kenneth is a full time college student & member of USA National Guard and his roll is to help High School students that plan to attend college how to bring good nutritional habits with them to college.