corporate memberships

Club Recharge has begun offering Corporate Memberships for companies with 15 or less employee's for one flat rate and unlimited access to our over 95+ therapies at the club.  A significant benefit of introducing corporate wellness programs into your workplace is improving employees' mental and physical health. As your employees are educated and incentivized around health and wellness, they can reduce their risk of severe health problems and help prevent chronic diseases.

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Corporate Memberships

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How do you offer corporate wellness?

Here are some basic steps for getting an employee wellness program going in your workplace.

Set goals that benefit the company & staff.

Form a team to create the employee wellness program.

Get to work planning the program.

Get feedback and optimize your wellness program.


Why is corporate wellness important?

Having a culture of wellness is of utmost importance in an organization. Establishing a culture that encourages wellness among your employees helps decrease job turnover, job satisfaction, managing stress, reducing absenteeism, etc. It also helps in cost saving the extra expenses on preventive employee illness.

Wellness is especially important as we age because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and fall risk behaviors. Additionally, the need for vitamins and minerals increases after age 50, so it's ever important to have a healthy diet.

What is the goal of a wellness program?

The purpose of employee wellness programs is to improve employees' health and well-being, often through preventive care. Goals can include preventing and managing chronic diseases to lower their health and economic burden, improving employee morale and motivation, and improving employees' quality of life

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(up to 15 employee's)


Corporate Memberships allows up to 15 employee's from the same workplace to use the club as often as you need for one flat fee.  Stop paying for wellness one session at a time. 




  • Unlimited Float Tank Therapy

  • Unlimited Oxygen Bath Therapy

  • Unlimited Ice Bath Therapy

  • Unlimited Full Body EMS

  • Unlimited Aquilo Ice Pants

  • Unlimited Nice Ice Compression

  • Unlimited Full Spectrum Sauna

  • Unlimited UV Tanning

  • Unlimited Infrared Cocoon Sauna

  • Unlimited Infrared FitBody Wrap

  • Unlimited Lipo Laser Fat Melting

  • Unlimited Speedhound Boots

  • Unlimited Hyperbaric Oxygen

  • Unlimited Lymphatic Massage

  • Unlimited Pessotherapy Massage

  • Unlimited Local Cryotherapy

  • Unlimited Electrical Muscle Stim

  • Unlimited Red Light Bed Therapy

  • Unlimited Blue Light Therapy

  • Unlimited NavoVi Cell Repair

  • Unlimited Body Composition

  • Unlimited 3D Body Scan Analysis

  • Unlimited Electrical Muscle Massage

  • Unlimited Exercise with Oxygen

  • Unlimited Altitude Training Therapy

  • (Unlimited Electrical Muscle Recover

  • Unlimited Biowave PENS Pain Block

  • Unlimited 185 Degree Infrared Sauna

  • Unlimited Blue Light Acne Treatment

  • Unlimited Compex Muscle Growth

  • Unlimited Flex Doctor Muscle

  • Unlimited Hyperice Heat

  • Unlimited Hot Yoga Sauna

  • Unlimited Korr Metabolic Test

  • Unlimited Russian Stimulation

  • Unlimited Oxygen Bar

  • Unlimited 6 Lead EKG

  • Unlimited Muscle Density Analysis

  • Unlimited PEMF

  • Unlimited Blood Flow Restriction

  • Unlimited Full Body Vibration

  • Unlimited EMS Pain Blocking

  • Unlimited Vacuum Cupping

  • Unlimited Weight Loss Evaluation

  • Unlimited Anti-Aging Wrinkles

  • Unlimited Red Light Skin Tighten

  • Unlimited Blood Pressure Test

  • Unlimited Hot Meditation Sauna

  • Unlimited Theragun Massage

  • Unlimited Hot Stretch Sauna

  • Unlimited O2 Oxygen Absorption

  • Unlimited Hot Stretch Sauna

  • Unlimited Static Cupping

  • Unlimited LightStim Red Light

  • Unlimited Micro-Current Therapy

  • Unlimited Isavera Fat Freezing

  • Unlimited Taxmexx Wave

  • Unlimited Cranial Electro-therapy

  • Unlimited Muscle Activation

  • Unlimited Weight Loss Consults