The death of a loved one is very personal to each survivor, and affects each individual differently.   As the founder of Club Recharge and someone that dealt with the loss of several of their loved ones, I am able to personally speak to the stresses you are under when a loss occurs.  My father died suddenly at 53 from a heart attack without warning.  I was only 25 when it happened and the experience shaped my life forever.  My older brother died from an aneurysm at age 37. Each loss affected my life and the stress levels in a different way, forcing me to learn how to cope with the stress on my own.  The stress from the loss of my father brought on panic attacks, loss of appetite and a host of other mental and physical symptoms.   We have designed Club Recharge to help individuals cope with these exhaustive, stressful periods in their lives by providing stress reduction therapeutic solutions.  There are over 95+ therapies at Club Recharge that can help family members relax and unwind after the loss of a loved one.


My father's advice to me growing up was to always "do what you know" for the simple reason that I would understand what my customer is going through and will be able to offer more effective solutions.   Science has conclusively shown that stress on the body has a very negative effect, including many diseases related to stress.   Because of my unique situation of experiencing the loss of several loved ones and knowing how certain therapies effect the body,   Club Recharge is in a unique position to help people in similar situations cope with the stress they are facing.

"Stop trying to calm the storm,

calm yourself, the storm will pass."


The death of a spouse is both mentally and physically different than the loss of a child or parent.  Each loss effects a person differently, and each type of loss produces an entirely different level of stress.  The one thing they all have in common is that no matter which type of loss occurs your body will undergo some level of stress.   We understand what your body needs to help you decompress from the stress you experience from the loss of a loved one.   Our team can help you identify those therapies that best help your body unwind, decompress a better cope with the stress you are living with.



Dealing with the stress associated from the loss of a loved one is a unique experience for each person, but a shared experience of all family members affected.  We have found that sharing your experience with another family member helps both cope better.  The same is true for therapy at Club Recharge, although still very effective when experienced individually, we have found that when you experience it with a friend or family member it can help to create a new bond or deeper understanding of each other.  Each plan starts with a basic recommended therapy list and is constantly refined until we have those therapies your body responds best to.

Recommended Therapy

Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Hot Boxing

Infrared Sauna

PEMF Therapy

Vibration Therapy