Club Recharge is introducing a new member incentive program to share the gift of wellness with your circle of friends.  Starting March 1, 2021 members will be able to bring a guest each month with them during their scheduled visit.  Guests will gain access to Club Recharge's over 95+ therapies and each guest will receive 1 FREE therapy compliments of Club Recharge.  (see more details below)


Club Recharge has started a new "Recharge Credits" program that rewards our members when they help us spread the word about health, wellness and the Club Recharge brand.  We truly are all about wellness at Recharge, so much so that every standard membership at the club can be shared with up to 4 friends or family members.  This means five friends or family members can share the cost and the credits of (1) one membership.

How to earn CREDITS

There are (3) three ways to earn credits at Club Recharge and each credit you earn will be added to your membership which can be used throughout month.


While you are in the club you can help us spread the word with a selfie post of the cool therapy you are receiving.  To earn credits simply take a selfie or ask our staff to take a picture while you are receiving the therapy and tag Club Recharge when you post it. If any of your followers schedule a free tour you will receive 1 CREDIT.  There is no limit to the number of posts you can post or credits your can receive. 

(ask a staff member for more details)

FACEBOOK:  rechargemybody2020

INSTAGRAM: rechargemybody2020

TWITTER: rechargemybody2020


Club Recharge members always have the ability to bring a guest to experience the club together.  Guests will be treated to a open therapy after they receive a quick tour of our facility. You will earn credits just for bringing a new guest even if they don't decide to become a member and if they decide to join Club Recharge you will earn 4 CREDITS


As a Club Recharge member if you refer a friend or a group of friends that sign up to become members you will receive 4 credits for each new membership we sell from your referrals.  There are no limits to the number of referrals you can earn or credits you can receive.