Hearing the words "you have cancer" can completely send your life into a tailspin and leave you with the job of trying to figure out which way is up.  I have personally lost several friends to cancer and watched and cheered as others beat the disease.   This level of stress can ring the bell at each stage of the journey with the constant tests and updates, while you wait to get results.  I have seen first hand the stress that your body goes through while you struggle with the 24/7 knowledge of knowing your body has cancer.   We have designed Club Recharge to help individuals cope with these exhaustive, stressful periods in their lives by providing stress reduction therapeutic solutions.  There are over 95+ therapies at Club Recharge that can help individuals lower levels of stress, strengthen their immune system and decompress.


My father's advice to me growing up was to always "do what you know" for the simple reason that I would understand what my customer is going through and will be able to offer more effective solutions.   Science has conclusively shown that stress on the body has a very negative effect, including many diseases related to stress.   Because of my unique situation of experiencing both what the effects of the disease and the stress produced does to the body.   Club Recharge is in a unique position to help people in similar situations cope with the stress they are facing.

"Stop trying to calm the storm,

calm yourself, the storm will pass."


Learning that your body has a potentially deadly disease inside , or a medical situation that doesn't have a positive outcomes for many is a level of stress beyond comprehension.  At a time when you need to make your body and immune system the strongest it can be to fight, you are weakening it severely with the high level of stress.   Club Recharge knows how stress effects the body and our main role, using every therapy we have is to lower your stress levels as much as we can.  Our team can help you identify those therapies that best help your body unwind and decompress.



Our plan with regards to treating individuals dealing with a potentially life threatening illness or disease is to calm your body while we strengthen your immune system.  Your bodies best chance to beat a life threatening disease or illness starts with doing everything you have control over.  We will constantly remind you about eating a healthy diet and keeping your stress levels low.  It is very important that you give your body everything it needs so that it can do its part.  High levels of stress weaken your bodies immune system making it less able to help.

Recommended Therapy

Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Infrared Sauna

PEMF Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Float Therapy