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Inside the club

Club Recharge is a state of the art recovery studio that has over 95+ therapies that help people recover and recharge their bodies and mind.  Our 5,000 square foot club has 40 separate therapy labs that can help treat over 200+ different conditions. Each lab is dedicated to a specific condition the effects the body.  Below is general overview of the club.

inside club recharge


Front Desk

The Club Recharge front desk is where members sign in before they do their therapy.



All the hallways at Club Recharge 5' wide to easily access a wheelchair.


Waiting Room

The waiting room includes comfortable seating and free beverages for before/after therapy.


Light Lab

The light lab has 2 LED stations red/blue light therapy for skin related treatments including acne and age spots.


Measurement lab


Pulse Lab


Shock N Shake Lab


Ice Lab

The measurement lab has 3 different body analysis scales, from body composition to metabolic testing to 3-D body scan.

The pulse lab holds our PEMF therapy.  PEMF recharges the cells in your body so they can heal you.

Our shock-n-shake lab offers full body vibration therapy workouts along full body EMS electrical muscle stimulation.

The ice lab features 7 different ice therapy from our iceless ice bath to Nice ice compression.


Float lab

The float lab holds our oversized float tank that leaves room for our taller athletic clients.


Bubble Lab

The bubble lab is where we produce our micron bubbles that are smaller than human pores which can scrub your skin with oxygen


Oxygen Lab

The oxygen lab is where we treat clients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Pain Lab

The pain lab has 8 separate pain therapies to help clients a life free of aches & pains.


Sun lab

The sun lab at Club Recharge is where we deliver our UV light therapy.  This is not an unlimited tanning rather limited exposure to UV


Rejuvenation Lab

Our rejuvenation lab has 2 forms of red light therapy to regenerate cells and improve fine lines and wrinkles


Sweat Lab

The sweat lab hold our oversized infrared sauna that showers customers with near, far and mid-range infrared rays simultaneously.


Skin Lab

The skin lab at Club Recharge is a separate club within Recharge that provides over 30 skin therapies.


Zen lab

The infrared Cocoon Sauna gives our clients a body cleanse of infrared rays while massaging the client


Muscle Lab

The muscle lab has 20 therapies for everything the muscles need.  From muscle massage to muscle trainning.


Body Lab

The body lab is dedicated to sculpting the body. Our FITbody Wrap and body contour system can help clients sweat or melt off the fat.


Altitude Lab

The altitude lab is where we train athletes at high altitude to increase lung conditioning and also train with oxygen to train harder. 


Massage Lab

Club Recharge offers several types of massage therapy including LipoMax and SlimStim


Protein Lab

Club Recharge offers ordered water treatment for protein folding using NanoVi

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