The 31 Labs At

Club Recharge

Club Recharge offers over 150+ scientifically proven therapies for virtually every part of your body.  The club is broken up into 30 separate labs the specialize in a specific array of therapies.




Pain Relief Lab

The Pain Relief has over 12 unique therapies to help our clients reduce their pain symptoms.

Massage Lab

The Massage Lab offers 5 unique therapies that vary in intensity to loosen up your sore muscles

Float Lab

The Float has offers 60 minute sessions to help our clients regain their mental focus.

Skin & Facial Lab

Our club has a complete lab dedicated to beautiful, healthy skin.

Cryotherapy Lab

The Cryotherapy Lab offers treatments for both pain and appearance.

Cellulite Reduction Lab

We have a lab at the club solely dedicated to the reduction of cellulite.

HBOT Oxygen Lab

The HBOT Oxygen Lab offers hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy treatments.

Sweat Lab

The Sweat Lab offers therapies ranging from Hot Yoga to Hot Meditation and includes Hot Stretching

Cryolipolysis Lab

Fat Freezing is one of the most popular services at the club. Fat freezing can target stubborn areas of fat.

Muscle Recovery Lab

The Muscle Recovery Lab offers over 15 muscle therapies the help recover your muscles.

Tanning Sun Lab

Our Sun Lab features unlimited tanning for only $29.99 per month

Weight Loss Lab

There is a whole lab dedicated to weight loss and weight gain. Using science we can teach you how to lose weight.

Body Contour Lab

The Body Contour Lab is dedicated to help clients sculpt their bodies into a new healthy version.

Collagen Lab

Help generate new cell growth and increase collagen production in our collagen lab.

Altitude Training Lab

Train your body and lungs at high altitude for increased athletic performance.

Blood Work Lab

Our club offers 25 unique blood tests that may unlock the secrets to your health mysteries.

Body Science Lab

For an elite coach or trainer having the complete science of what is inside your body help them train your weakness into strength.

Detox  Lab

Infrared Sauna's have long been known to help detox the body.  Our club 3 separate infrared treatments.

Body Dynamics Lab

Understanding how your body has adapted after an injury and what compensations have been made need to be trained out of the body.

Breathing Exercise Lab

Conditioning your lungs is as important to your body as your muscles. Using EWOT we are able to improve lung performance.

Injury Prediction Lab

Knowing which part of an athletes body is susceptible to injury is key to avoiding down time. With our predictive testing we are able to predict which body part will fail.

Body Composition Lab

Our Body Composition Lab  can give you a complete understanding of your bodies makeup.

Performance Testing Lab

Making sure that your body is capable of pushing through  the entire game is essential to an elite athlete and we can tell you if it is.

Healing Lab

Ice and compression ice have long been know to help the body recover from injury.

Virtual Reality Pain Management Lab

Science continues to expand their understanding of pain senses and pain management and at Club Recharge we are all about the science.

Personal Training  Lab

Train in our private facility away from other clients with our team of personal trainers using state of the art technology.

Vacuum Cupping Lab

Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles.

Oxygen Bubble Bath Lab

Bathing in 70% oxygen is healthy for the skin and improves itchy, dry skin look and feel.

The Light Lab

Many of today's common skin conditions can be treated using light therapy, including Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis.

The Muscle Stimulation Lab

There are several forms of EMS - Electrical Muscle Stimulation available at the club

The Immune Defense Lab

There are several therapies available at the club that help to strengthen your immune system.