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The 40 Labs At
Club Recharge

Club Recharge offers over 150+ scientifically proven therapies for virtually every part of your body.  The club is broken up into 40 separate labs the specialize in a specific array of therapies.

Unlimited Sessions Start as Low as $199


"Forgiving people in silence and never speaking to them again is a form of self care"


Acne Lab

The Acne Lab uses blue light therapy to help with the breakouts of  acne symptoms. Session of 10-12 achieve best results. Unlimited programs are available. Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Altitude Lab

The Altitude Lab helps individuals improve lung performance and conditioning. Sessions of 2-3 per week are recommended.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Athlete Performance Lab

The Athlete Performance Lab specializes in helping athletes achieve peak performance.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Blood Flow Restriction Lab

The Blood Flow Restriction Lab helps clients achieve new muscle strength levels by trapping healthy blood in the muscle.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Blood Immune System.jpeg

Blood Work Lab

The Blood Work Lab helps our clients dig deeper into the secrets of the body by testing the blood for weaknesses, deficiencies, or abnormalities.


Body Composition Lab

Our Body Composition Lab  can give you a complete understanding of your bodies makeup.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Skulpt - Ryan1b.png

Body Dynamics Lab

Understanding how your body has adapted after an injury and what compensations have been made need to be trained out of the body.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

inbody-570 Sheet.png

Body Science Lab

For an elite coach or trainer having the complete science of what is inside your body help them train your weakness into strength.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Body Contour 10.jpg

Body Contour Lab

The Body Contour Lab is our LED Fat melting system that uses 880nm light to melt away inches. Sessions of 10--12 are recommended.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Body Sculpt Lab

The Body Sculpt Lab was developed to sculpt individual body parts through a series of treatments.  We recommend 2-3 months for best results.


The Brain Lab

The Brain Lab will soon be added to our list of labs available at Club Recharge giving us the ability to measure EEG Waves. By measuring these waves we can determine a lot.


Cellulite Reduction Lab

The Cellulite Reduction Lab is solely dedicated to the reduction of cellulite, using several different therapies to achieve our results.

Sessions Staring at $75


Collagen Lab

The Collagen Lab was developed to help generate new collagen cell growth and increase collagen production using LED red light.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Cool Restore 6.jpg

Cryolipolysis Lab

The Cryolipolysis Lab is for fat freezing which is one of the most popular services at the club. Fat freezing can target stubborn areas of fat.

Sessions Staring at $75


Cryotherapy Lab

The Cryotherapy Lab offers treatments for both pain and appearance. By using sub-zero air we can help reduce pain or tighten up your pores.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Cupping Lab

The Cupping Lab is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. We offer both forms of static & vacuum cupping.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Detox  Lab

The Detox Lab have 4 separate Infrared Sauna's which have long been known to help detox the body.  We recommend sessions of 3-5 per week for best results.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Digestion Lab

The Digestion Lab through our partnership with Viome helps unlock the mysteries of digestion.  Understanding your gut biome can make all the difference.


Exercise  with Oxygen Lab

The Exercise with Oxygen Lab helps clients condition their lungs to help their improve lung performance. We recommend session 2-3 per week.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Fat Blaster Lab

The Fat Blaster Lab combines several science backed therapies to help rapidly blast away fat while we strengthen your metabolic rate.


Fat Destroyer Lab

The Fat Destroyer Lab introduces 7 separate therapies all combined together to help destroy body fat in a serious way. We can reduce fat, tighten skin and tone muscle.


Float Lab

The Float Lab has offers 60 minute float sessions to help our clients regain their mental focus. Float has many benefits including stress reduction and better sleep.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Glute Builder

The Glute Builder Lab is patterned after our body sculpting service which focuses solely on lifting those sagging glutes. The glute muscles are the most unused muscles in the body.



The Hyperbaric Oxygen Lab focuses on the miracle properties associated with oxygen gas.  The pressurized chamber can press oxygen into muscles & skin helping them heal.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Ice Lab

The Ice Lab focuses on the healing power of cryotherapy or ice therapy. The power of ice and ice compression have been widely studied in laboratories and as non high tech as ice is, the fact is it still the top choice.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199  

Weak Immune System.jpg

Immune Defense Lab

There are several therapies available at the club that help to strengthen your immune system.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Keto Scan.jpg

Keto Test Lab

Keto diets have become very popular over the years.  They are very difficult to maintain without effective testing.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Light Lab

Many of today's common skin conditions can be treated using light therapy, including Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Slim stim.jpg

Massage Lab

The Massage Lab has 2 separate lymphatic drainage massage systems to help gently relax the body while it stimulate the lymphatic system.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Muscle Activation Lab

The Muscle Activation Lab engages in reconnecting the neurological pathways from the brain to the muscles using electrical muscle stimulation.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Muscle Recovery Lab

The Muscle Recovery Lab is a reduced electrical stimulation that helps to recover sore and aching muscles.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199

Russian Stim.jpg

Muscle Stimulation Lab

The Muscle Stimulation Lab uses the maximum electrical stimulation known as Russian Stimulation to tone the muscles.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Oxygen Bubble Bath Lab

The Oxygen Bath Lab uses 70% more oxygen with micron bubbles to treat the skin and scrub the pores using oxygen.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Pain Lab

The Pain Lab has over 13 different therapies to treat numerous pain symptoms from general local pains to sciatica nerve pain with effective results.  

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199



The PEMF Lab uses pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy to help recharge the unhealthy cells that have become damaged in the body.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Protein Folding Lab

The Protein Folding Lab help assist the body with one of the most basic body processes.  Repairs to the bodies cells all happen with protein folding.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Sexual Performance Lab

The Sexual Performance Lab helps individuals dealing with erectile dysfunction related issues and sexual performance.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Skin & Facial Lab

The Skin & Facial Lab treats our clients to our vast array of skin tightening and toning treatments to help you reverse the effects of aging.


Steam Lab

The Steam Lab with Ozone therapy will soon be added to our list of labs available at Club Recharge.  We are currently reviewing the science supporting the technology.


Sweat Lab

The Sweat Lab offers a full spectrum sauna using all three spectrum's of infrared, near, mid and far infrared which each effect the body in a different way.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Tanning Sun Lab

The Tanning Lab features our 15 minute UV tanning bed which is available to all members of Club Recharge for Free.


Test Lab

The Test Lab is a unique lab that hosts a new & unique therapy each day from a local independent wellness business in the area that allows our members to try it and see if they enjoy it. 

Virtual Reality 1.jpg

Virtual Reality Pain Management Lab

Science continues to expand their understanding of pain senses and pain management and at Club Recharge we are all about the science.


Vibration Lab

The Whole Body Vibration lab was developed to increase both muscle and bone density which is one American's most common problems.

Unlimited Sessions Staring at $199


Vitamin & Mineral Lab

The vitamin & mineral lab is dedicated to educating and tracking your bodies vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Skinny Kid.webp

Weight Gain Lab

There is a whole lab dedicated to weight gain and weight gain. Using science we can teach you how to gain weight and add muscle.


Weight Loss Lab

There is a whole lab dedicated to weight loss and weight gain. Using science we can teach you how to lose weight.

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