PERSONAL Training Available at club recharge

CLUB RECHARGE prides ourselves in being Cleveland's first complete wellness & recovery studio with over 5,000 square feet of state-of-the-art technology and over 70+ therapies for complete body wellness.  Beginning in February 2021 Club Recharge will begin to offer personal training classes in a safe COVID complaint space for members of the club.  Classes will be offered Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6am-10am each week and you will be able to schedule classes from our app. Both of our trainers are certified personal trainers certified by the state of Ohio and they each bring to you the personal attention required to help you achieve your goals.


Personal trainers have been forced to take the personal aspect out of their training efforts because of the COVID pandemic.

Club Recharge has recognized that are facility has been uniquely designed with 23 independent training & therapy rooms, keeping our clients safely at a distance from other guests while they are continuing to train and stay active.

We will begin this February offering personal training classes to members of Club Recharge.  We have two training rooms that are available to personal trainers to safely train their clients away from the open air of other guests.

The training labs have specific equipment already designated to the room and workout classes are tailored for you to achieve your goals.


Training Room #1

In our Shock & Shake Lab we provide access to a full body vibration plate that may be used to incorporate a whole body exercise routine.  Also in this room we offer Blood Flow Restriction Training equipment to maximize your clients workout. Lastly we have full body electrical muscle stimulation exercise suits that help engage every muscle group in the body simultaneously.


Training Room #2

In our Altitude Lab we provide access to a high end Peloton Treadmill with EWOT - Exercise with Oxygen Training which will allow your clients to push their bodies further before fatigue.  Also in this room trainers will have access to altitude therapy which simulates the effects on their body of working out at high altitude.  Our altitude equipment can simulate the effects of training at the top of Mount Fuji 12,000 feet above sea level.

This atmosphere is also complete with our state-of-the-art measurement lab that can identify all of the science of your clients body.  In this lab we are able to precisely measure key aspects of your clients bodies including;

  • Body Composition Analysis - Using a body composition analysis we can identify muscle dominance, percentage of fat, water, and skeletal makeup.   The body composition takes a look inside of your athletes body to find out where their strengths and weaknesses are and how previous injuries effected the body.

  • Oxygen Saturation - O2 absorption levels let us know how their bodies blood and tissue are absorbing oxygen.  Low oxygen absorption will fatigue an athlete more quickly.

  • 3-D Body Scan - This scan takes precise measurements of each of the body parts to help identify imbalances in the athletes body.

  • 6 Lead EKG - This scan will determine the clients heart rhythm and check for irregularities.

  • Metabolic Test - This test can determine within 5 calories the precise metabolic rate the clients body is running.  Since metabolism and energy levels are so closely connected knowing your RMR can identify why athletes energy levels are low.

  • Blood Pressure Test - Blood pressure in clients can be decrease VO2 Max levels which will not allow elite athletes train to their full potential.

  • Pulse - A young, healthy athlete may have a heart rate of 30 to 40 bpm. That's because exercise strengthens the heart muscle. It allows it to pump a greater amount of blood with each heartbeat. More oxygen is also going to the muscles.

  • Temperature - The more energy an athlete puts into keeping his or her body temperature at a safe level, the less is available for muscle movement, so endurance fails, as well. By finding ways to acclimatize during an activity, you keep your body temperature at an optimal level to enhance performance.


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As a recent graduate of Cleveland State University in 2019 with a political science degree, Connor decided to pursue his other passion of health and wellness. Connor is an ACE Certified Personal trainer, who has worked with people of all ages from 10 to 90 years old. He really enjoys helping people live their lives to the fullest through staying active, and focusing on improving physical and mental health. When he is not working, Connor enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends, and watching Cleveland sports.


Jeanette is the proud mother of two wonderful boys.  She is a former breast cancer survivor,  so she may be small but she is as tough as nails and she knows better than most never to quit.  Jeanette decided to pursue her passion of health and wellness. She is an NASM Certified Personal trainer, who has worked with people of all ages from 10 to 90 years old. She really enjoys helping people live their lives to the fullest through staying active, and focusing on improving physical and mental health.

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