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Many people attribute wellness or a membership at Club Recharge to some sort of feel good luxury spa visit or vanity cosmetic treatment to reduce stubborn fat areas on your body. That was never the design nor was it my intentions when I created the concept of Club Recharge. My passion for wellness was born from a series of deaths to loved ones that occurred in my life that transformed the way I took care of my body.

When my father died suddenly at age 53 from a massive heart attack with absolutely no warning signs, my eyes were opened wide to what had shortened his life. I was only 23 years old and had no concept of how young 53 was, but after lengthy conversations with the doctors that tried to save his life and a great deal of research of what he died from I was no longer shocked that he died, rather I was more surprised he lived as long as he did.

A lifetime of consuming high fat, high starch diets, excessive amounts of sodium from processed foods combined with long term smoking and absolutely zero exercise was literally all that was needed to shorten his life by 25+ years. My father was a literal walking time bomb that could go off at anytime and he had no idea what was going on inside his own body.

Years of eating these processed foods had completely filled his arteries with plaques, just waiting for the moment to break off and lodge itself sideways in an artery. In order to speed the process up my father added a lifetime of smoking to make sure that his blood pressure remained dangerously high. For most people that could have been enough, but just to make sure that he wouldn't live a long life my father carried and extra 50-75 lbs of body fat enlarging his heart so that when the day came and a plaque broke off inside the wall of an artery his heart would simply not be strong enough to dislodge the plaque. The doctor actually told me that my father could have been a patient at the hospital when this occurred and most likely ended up with the same outcome.

It may sound like I am proposing my father did this to himself purposely and although it may not have been done on purpose he certainly did nothing to avoid it. My father never in my lifetime went to a doctor or ever got his blood pressure checked, its almost like he didn't want to know.

As the child left behind from this tragedy I had to get married without my dad at my wedding, raise 3 children without his help, make tough business decisions that he knew the answers to, and for the most part learn how to be a good dad from other parents or make it up on my own from the memories I had of him.

My father is still my hero and a great man, I just wish he would have taking better care of himself, or at least gone in for regular checkups.

Please stop into Club Recharge to get a Free Blood Pressure check or a Free EKG scan. You do not need to be a member of the club to check your vitals because these services are always FREE and there is no appointment required or long wait. Do your kids a favor and make regular visits to the club and start taking better care of yourself.

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