Pricing explained

Club Recharge Memberships:

All memberships are now and will always be sold on a month-to-month basis.  The reason we do that is because we want to earn your business each month through our therapies, customer service, knowledge and passions to help you look and feel your best and not lock you into a long term contact that forces you to stay.  We never want to assume you will be back, instead we want to work hard enough to make you want to come back and bring your friends the next time.  Membership levels can be changed each month, so if one month you want to do a lot of therapies and the following less therapies we can easily switch your program to look for the best deal.

How much does each therapy cost ?

When we designed Club Recharge we wanted to offer the best therapy to the customer that would give them the best outcome/results and not sell the customer the therapy they could afford knowing we had a better option that was out of their price range.  So at Club Recharge every therapy has the same cost regardless of how much the equipment cost us.  When you come into Club Recharge you will not be sold expensive packages, instead we will recommend the therapy that we believe will have the best results.  The cost per therapy ranges between $12-$25 based on how many is required by science and the manufacturer recommend doses.  The more therapies you need the less we charge per therapy at Club Recharge.  

How are therapies sold ?

All therapies are sold by the recommended doses required to achieve the therapeutic benefit.  So to simplify this if the manufacturer and the science both required 8 sessions to receive the therapeutic benefit, then we will sell you 8 sessions not 1, not 3, not 6  but 8.  The only way you can use the therapy is to get all 8 treatments.  This will never change at Club Recharge because we are driven more by your results than your money. 

How are packages sold ?

We sell the packages in levels

Iridium - our basic package includes 4 treatments or 1 a week

Ruthenium - 8 treatments or 2 a week

Gold - 12 treatments or 3 per week

Platinum - 16  treatments or 4 per week

Rhodium - 20 treatments or 5 per week

You can switch levels each month.

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