Vacuum Cupping Eyebrow Lift Therapy

Oomnex CuppiEos works by creating pressure inside vacuum cups, this procedure stimulates lymphatic circulation which reduces cellulite. The areas that can be treated include the top of the arms and legs, hips and stomach, and buttocks. "Orange peel" appears because of fat layers and bad liquid circulation—oxygen cannot reach the cells so connective fibers begin to form, and cellulite ‘holes’ form as a result. The Vacuum CuppiEos treatment helps normalize blood and lymph circulation, which subsequently reduces problematic cellulite on all areas of the body. The user friendly operating system has 6 treatment modes ranging from a continuous vacuum treatment to systematic pulsed and rhythmic vacuum treatment:


Mode 1: Eyebrows lift and lip plumps

Mode 2: Facial lymph stimulation

Mode 3: Facial lifting

Mode 4: Body Lymph Stimulation

Mode 5: Buttocks Plumping

Mode 6: Anticellulite Mode


You will receive:

1 - 60 minutes session of vacuum cupping




Study on Vacuum Cupping Eyebrow Lift Therapy

Vacuum Cupping Eyebrow Lift Therapy