Diet Monitor - Gold Package

Diet Monitor - Gold Package


Club Recharge offers three Diet Monitoring Programs for individuals that are beginning a new weight loss or diet program.  Our Diet Monitoring helps individuals learn what is happening scientifically inside and outside their bodies and helps them track their success. 


Diet Monitoring - Gold Package

For individuals that need to see daily progress of how their body is responding to their calorie deprivation plan.  Diets can be hard and stressful and flying without the data can make their journey seem like a roller coaster.  Steping on a scale does not give you a complete picture of how your body is responding to the change.


We take the guesswork out of the equation by providing you with the actual scientific data and measurements. 


In this package you will receive the following services.

  • You will receive Unlimited Full Body 3-D Body Scan Analysis that will take precise measurements of all of your bodies features.  You will receive a detailed report of waist size, hip size, leg sizes, arm size, etc..
  • You will receive Unlimited Body Composistion Test Analysis that will mesaure all of the internal critical data points such as % of lean muscle, % of fat, % of water, etc...
  • You will receive Unlimited RMR Metabolic Rate Test that will give you a nearly exact calorie count for you to use when you choose your diet program.


Going on a diet will be stressful enough and why should you try it without know what is going on with your body.



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