Validate your haptoglobin genotype to lower risk of heart attackHaptoglobin Genetic Test


This test uncovers your haptoglobin genotype, which is linked to a 500% increased cardiovascular risk in those with diabetes. Knowing this will help you better understand what treatments you can safely pursue.


Biomarkers tested:
  • Haptoglobin Genotype


This test determines your Haptoglobin Genotype, which provides you and your physician with important information to help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. Did you know 40% of people have the Haptoglobin (Hp2) 2-2 gene variant, and those with diabetes are at a 500% increased risk of heart attack or stroke? Your genotype will also significantly influence recommended treatments, for example, the ability to engage in Vitamin E therapy.


Common heart health symptoms to watch for Cardiovascular health is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping your body strong. The following symptoms are strong indications that you should get tested:


Related Symptoms
  • Increased thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue

Haptoglobin Genetic Blood Test


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