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A total of 40 women having primary dysmenorrhea were selected from Physical Therapy Department in Al Mataria Teaching Hospital in Cairo. Their ages ranged from 20 to 30 years. They were divided randomly into two groups equal in number: group A (study group), treated with the PEMF, three times/week for 3 months, with each session lasted for 30 min, in addition to medical treatment, and group B (control group, which received medical treatment only (NSAIDs). Menstrual distress questionnaire and visual analog scale were used for assessment of menstrual distress and pain before treatment and after treatment for both groups A and B.


Study on Menstrual Cramp Pain Reduction Therapy:;year=2018;volume=1;issue=4;spage=250;epage=254;aulast=Abd


Menstrual Cramps Treatment


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