: At 2 months 45 of 60 subjects (75%) in the active arm vs 13 of 60 (21.7%) in the sham arm were treatment responders (p <0.001). After 2 months 24 subjects (40%) in the active arm and 41 (68%) in the sham arm elected additional active pulsed magnetic stimulation. At 14 months, subjects who received 32 sessions of active pulsed magnetic stimulation had the highest percentage of treatment responders (18 of 24 or 75.0%), followed by those who received 16 sessions (26 of 36 or 72.2% and 28 of 41 or 68.3%) and those who did not receive any active pulsed magnetic stimulation (4 of 19 or 21.1%) (p <0.001).


Conclusions: The encouraging long-term response rates show that pulsed magnetic stimulation is an attractive nonsurgical alternative for patients who do not want to undergo surgery.




Study on Stress Uninary Incontinence Therapy:




Uninary Incontinence Therapy

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