Club Recharge will be beginning a new rental program so our members will have the ability to take a therapy home to Recharge from home.



The rules are simple.  Sign out any therapy available in the rental fleet and leave a small deposit.  You can keep the item as long as you want as long as your remain a member.  When you no longer need the therapy, simply return the item and receive 50% of your deposit back.

Pure Enrichment PurePulse TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator



Rent this therapy for up to six months for $25/$4 per mo.

Enjoy temporary pain management on your terms by practicing self-care at home to naturally relieve sore and aching muscles associated with manual labor, exercise, chronic pain, and typical household chores.

Avoid over-the-counter medications and temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain with our electronic pulse stimulator for stiffness and aches in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, abdominal region, arms, and legs

Massage Gun for Athletes Percussion



Rent this therapy for up to six months for $50/$8 per mo

17 heads and 2 bonus massage balls included - the percussion massager includes a market leading 17 head attachments, a tool included for massaging every muscle in your body promoting circulation and helping to accelerate both warm-up and recovery. Plus, the set includes a case simplifying storage and transportation.

2500mAh fast-charging & long-life battery - the deep tissue massage gun equipped with a 1A/25.2V adapter meaning it charges fast. The 2500mAH capacity battery means the brushless high-torque motor in this gun massager can be continuously run for up to 8 hours.

30 adjustable speed levels - our handheld massage gun offers 30 different speed levels up to 3200 rpm. Whether it's a muscle relaxation after exercise or a daily body massage, you can easily find the vibration amplitude that suits you best.

Whole Body Vibrating Fitness Platform



Rent this therapy for up to six months for $75/$12 per mo.

Recover Muscle & Strength

You can choose between automatic and manual modes to meet your various sports and fitness needs. Relax muscles before and after training, accelerate muscle recovery and relieve muscle pain. The vibration assisted exercise works like cardio .

Far Infrared Sauna Blanket 3 Zone Digital Controller Slimming Detox Spa



Rent this therapy for up to six months for $100/$16 per mo.


Slimming & Detox

Far-infrared rays penetrate the body, the cells generate resonance to convert into heat energy, increase the temperature of deep skin tissues, accelerate the metabolism in the body, and also activate cells and eliminate heavy ions and toxins, thereby achieving the effect of detoxification and slimming.