Facial Treatments

The Skin & Facial offers 14 unique treatments for our clients to chose from including hydro jelly masks and microcurrent

Light Facials

The Skin & Facial Lab offers several types of light facials including blue, red and infrared light

Skin Consultations

The Skin & Facial Lab always offers consultation for members

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Stop into Club Recharge and take a tour of our facility.  Experience all that we offer and learn about our 95+ therapies

The Skin & Facial Lab Membership

Become a member for only $169 per month and receive all of the benefits at Club Recharge


The Skin Lab offers over 40+ different treatments to choose from including cryo fat freezing & cellulite reduction.


The Skin Lab located inside of Club Recharge has one of the largest selections of facials to choose from. Select from our over 25 unique facials.


Freeze the fat right out of your body with our Cool Restore fat freezing technology.  Members receive exclusive prices.


Cellulite Reduction is available at the Skin Lab.  Using our state-of-the-art Bionexis Cellulite treatment sessions.


The SKIN LAB at Club Recharge has chosen ilike  a Hungarian company for our skin care line mainly because of what their ingredients for their product lines are derived from.  Hungary is also where our owner, Szilvia Hickman stems from.  Szilvia is a passionate professional, well-known by the spa industry by her frequent educational articles about skin care solutions and natural ingredients. She is also member of the Green Spa Network Personal Care Product Committee. If you ask Szilvia about her Number 1 skin care advice, she would say: "Apply antioxidants topically every day! These powerful nutrients help neutralize free radicals that are created by harmful UV rays and speed up signs of aging."   We at Szép Élet want to to bring a little bit of Hungary to you.

The SKIN LAB at Club Recharge is headed up by Lexi Galton.  Lexi holds a state license as an esthetician.   Club Recharge wanted to be first to enter the market with our 95+ of the best therapies and we kept stride with our SKIN LAB ensuring it was going to be the first of it kind and we needed someone young and hip that was on the cutting edge of skin care.


We used the same business model for the Skin Lab that we developed for Club Recharge where every treatment is the same price giving our staff and the client the ultimate flexibility to choose the best treatment, in this case, for your skin.  The Skin Lab offers over 30 different types of skin treatments, and that's what's just on the menu.  Lexi's experience combined with the flexibility extended to her by Club Recharge gives her the freedom to dream up better ways to help her clients achieve their ultimate best complexion.


  The membership to the Skin Lab will consist of weekly treatments to keep your bodies skin in excellent health and appearance by providing our members with a Free skin analysis and recommended treatments which are all included in your membership.  The SKIN LAB at Club Recharge is not in the up-sell business, therefore don't expect us to try to sell you expensive creams or lotions.   Members should instead expect from our team  a proper diagnoses and treat your bodies skin aliments and propose a suggested regimented daily skin care plan with a list of places to purchase these skin care products with the best available prices.