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The technology behind a Micron Bubble bathtub was designed to harness the power of micro-bubbles for therapeutic use.  Micro-bubbles had previously been used in industrial and medical settings to clean and sterilize equipment and foods, but had yet to be cultivated for use on human skin. In 2011, a system was introduced a system that would gently and efficiently produce these tiny workhorse bubbles in a bathtub.

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What is a Micro-bubble? Why is it so important?


Micro Bubbles or micro-bubbles are miniature gas bubbles measuring less than 50 microns (.002”) in diameter. While small, they are full of air, generally a mix of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. Under Stokes’ Law for Frictional Force the smaller the bubble, the slower it is to rise to the top of the water. Thus, micro-bubbles suspend in the water and form a “cloud” around the bather. The suspended micro-bubbles will eventually implode under hydro-static pressure releasing oxygen and energy, in the form of heat, into the water. This heat energy allows the bath water to maintain temperature and even rise by as much as one degree every twenty minute cycle.

These tiny micro-bubbles are also negatively charged. According to Van Der Waals Force, “opposites attract.” Thus, the positively charged dirt and impurities on the skin are attracted to the negatively charged micro-bubbles as they surround and enter the pores and sebaceous glands. This force provides a high level of detoxification and hydration to the skin. As the bubbles gently brush against the skin they comfortably clean and exfoliate on a micro-level.

Oxygen - the critical component

Micron Bubbles / micro-bubbles supersaturate the water with oxygen - so much so that the level of dissolved oxygen in the bath exceeds 13mg/L, which is up to 70% more than regular tap water. This level of oxygen saturation was achieved under the principle of Henry’s Law by increasing the pressure around the water, the water can hold more gas.

The gentle cloud of dissolved oxygen has particular significance for skin health. Oxygen is a natural cleanser. The skin uses oxygen to kill bacteria, stimulate the immune system, promote healing, and to supply energy to the cells. By immersing the body in water with elevated levels of dissolved “wet oxygen,” effective amounts of oxygen enter the pores and hair follicles, deep enough to reach the sebaceous glands.

Negative Ions fight free radicals and improve serotonin levels

Atoms are the building blocks of life. An Ion is an electrically charged atom. Positive ions (cations) are known as free radicals because they steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own charge, causing cellular damage. (Think cancer and/or aging processes) Negative ions fight free radicals. High concentrations of negative ions are also shown to help improve serotonin levels, essential for high energy and a positive mood.

Anion levels are considered therapeutic between 50,000 and 100,000 ions/cc. As the Micron Bubbles / micro-bubbles implode they release negative ions at the bath water’s surface. An independent study indicates that Micron Bubble Technology generates and releases anions at levels over 80,000 ions/cc.

MICRON BUBBLE Hydrotherapy System


Behind the sidewall of the Ella's bath sits a pump/delivery system that draws in ambient air through a venturi (a short tube with a tapering constriction in the middle that causes an increase in the velocity flow of a fluid and a corresponding decrease in fluid pressure) and dissolved into the water at elevated pressures. Microbubbles are produced by crushing the ambient air bubbles further through a patented system of turns and orifices that ends with a stream of microbubbles introduced into the bath well through a port / jet at a flow rate of 7gpm. Within 1.5 minutes the entire bath well is filled with a thick cloud of oxygen-rich microbubbles. There are no chemicals or other additives added to the water at any point.



The beauty of Micron Bubbles is in the amazing results you will see and experience after just 20 minutes.

We know we’ve said it before, but it really does all start with the bubbles.  Oxygen-rich micro-bubbles to be precise.  These tiny miracles – 50 to 100 times smaller than regular air bubbles – are the reason for the amazing benefits realized in Micron Bubble hydrotherapy.  The patented process creates literally billions of these little wonders that work to enhance and improve your skin’s health and vitality.  Together, the micro-bubbles form a cloud of oxygen in your bath and give you a delightful, effervescent sensation. 

Individually, the micro-bubbles penetrate gently into your pores for a deeper cleansing, while also leaving behind moisture that plumps your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  When the micro-bubbles collapse in the water, they release heat energy, which helps maintain a consistently warm bathing experience without the need to add more hot water. And possibly most importantly, these little miracles, as they implode, release negative ions – known to improve serotonin levels and fight free radicals. 

Naturally Cleansing and Deep Penetrating Moisture


Micron Bubbles are like a facial for your entire body, including your face and scalp if you use the Micron Bubble Bath Wand.  It really is like nothing you’ve experienced before.  The billions of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles reach where mere water and soap can’t.  They are so small (less than 2000th of an inch) they can penetrate gently into your pores.  And they are negatively charged.  This means that any dirt or impurities in the pores will be naturally attracted to the bubble and lifted away. 

But it’s not just about what the bubbles take away.  Micron  Bubbles is about giving back to your body on a level that hasn’t been possible until now.  Those tiny micro-bubbles, filled with oxygen, work together for a comfortable, clean exfoliation on a micro level.  Imagine billions of them bumping into each other, effervescing under the water, gently brushing against your skin.   Each one leaves behind a bit of nature’s life-giving and healing element – oxygen.  This process makes your skin feel luxuriously silky and plumps it up diminishing any fine lines or wrinkles.  Micron Bubbles helps you look younger and be healthier!

The Healing Benefits of Oxygen


An oxygen rich bath is good for your health.  Every cell in your body needs oxygen to live and the largest organ you have is your skin. It also happens to be your first line of defense against many pathogens and atmospheric chemicals. The skin uses oxygen to kill bacteria, stimulate the immune system, promote healing, and to supply energy to the skin cells. By immersing the body in water with elevated levels of dissolved “wet oxygen”, effective amounts of oxygen enter the pores and hair follicles, deep enough to reach the sebaceous glands. Oxygen improves the cell’s metabolic health to support continuous cell regeneration in the basal layer.

The Micron Bubble system supersaturates the water with billions of tiny, oxygen-rich micro-bubbles, increasing oxygen levels up to 70% higher than tap water.  Because they are so small, the micro-bubbles remain suspended in the water, blanketing your body in a luxurious cloud of oxygen.  This increased oxygen level energizes cells, stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, promotes healing, and reduces scar tissue.

Continual, Consistent Warmth


Because of their tiny size, micron bubbles tend to remain suspended below the water’s surface. As suspended bubbles collapse, heat energy is released into the water. This allows the water temperature to stay warm and even rise a degree or two during your 20 minute bath cycle.  (The micron bubble system is designed to run for 20 minutes for optimal results) 


The benefits of this process are two-fold.

First, you are allowed to enjoy a consistently warm bath without having to add more warm water. This small luxury of time and relaxation can add so much to your restful and relaxing bathing experience. 

Second, when bathwater temperatures stay consistent, it allows skin temperature to increase evenly. This even rise in body temperature increases cardiovascular activity causing an improved “Sauna Effect”. This means an increased number of open pores that allow in moisture and an accelerated release of toxins.  It also naturally stimulates the cardiovascular system allowing improved muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

After exiting the bath, the body’s temperature returns to normal more quickly because there were no “cool spots” in your body temperature as you would experience in other types of jetted bath therapies.  This means that pores close quickly, trapping moisture and oxygen. 

The Positives of Negatives Ions

In your micron bubble bath, at the water's surface, wisps of what looks like steam appear.  This is not steam or smoke.  This is the infusion of negatively charged ions wafting into the air surrounding your bath at therapeutic levels. 

We realize talking about ions sounds like science fiction, but in reality, they are a key component of what makes micron bubble so amazing. These are the same small particles that are found in high concentrations around water falls, mountain streams and beaches – Natures Anti-Depressants. They are known to improve serotonin levels in the brain, contributing to feelings of well being. They help relax the mind and body, promote deep sleep, and enhance recovery from physical exhaustion. They also fight free radicals – those evil, positively charged ions that are thought to cause cancer and aging skin damage.

Note: Negative ion levels are considered therapeutic between 50,000 and 100,000 ions/cc. An independent study indicates that Ella's Micron Bubble Technology generates and releases negative ions at levels over 80,000 ions/cc.

Testimonials - Itching for a Cure

Ella's Micron Bubbles most pragmatic benefit is the improvement of skin health as demonstrated by multiple user reports from eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, and even cancer patients.

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