The simple explanation of Club Recharge is that we are a wellness super center.  Before there was Club Recharge traditional spa's and wellness centers offered a small selection of beneficial wellness therapies that would cost between $75 - $250 per treatment that customers would splurge on a few days out of the year for one treatment in hopes to look or feel better.  When we developed the concept of Club Recharge our mission was to make complete body wellness affordable to everyone and not just another spa for wealthy individuals.   Wellness therapies are cumulative in the body, which in essence means that the more often you receive the treatment the more beneficial the treatment is for your body.  We took our concept and built a business model around a monthly memberships which allows us to dramatically reduce the cost per session form the typical $75 to around $2-3 per session.   Although our memberships are month-to-month the vast percentage of clients choose to continue which allows us to further reduce pricing.   Club Recharge is basically a complete body revitalization & wellness studio that works with individuals using the science behind 95+ unique therapeutic technologies to improve the overall look and wellness of our clients bodies. This combined with our knowledgeable staff or what we like to call them "body mechanics" are guaranteed to make you look and feel better.

Each client at the club can elect to receive a free consultation and request a therapeutic protocol schedule that will promise to deliver the results if completely followed.


When building Club Recharge we spent over 10 years researching hundreds of therapeutic technologies that helped individuals improve their bodies look and overall wellness. We identified those therapies which had scientific evidence from either university or medical studies that demonstrated the clinical effectiveness from using the therapy and put them all at one location for our customers convenience.


At Club Recharge the main thing we focused on when selecting each therapy was the scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Manufacturers in the wellness industry often make far reaching or outrageous claims as to what conditions their product helps without any scientific basis.


Once all of the hard work of thoroughly researching each therapy was done we started on the next phase of the project, building the facility. We knew how many effective therapies we had and how many conditions we could treat, but we needed to assemble them in some sort of order that would make our clients sessions positive, efficient and cost effective. We came up with a dozen different ways to layout the club and after many nights of debate we settled the Lab Format.


At Club Recharge we have 40+ different specialized labs that each treat a different part of the body or ailment the body has.  Starting with a lab dedicated to PAIN, America's single biggest ailment. Because there are hundreds of different types of pains and just as many places on the body the individuals have pain in, we segregated 12 therapies solely designed to eliminate pain and assigned them to the Pain Lab. There are other labs in the club that help reduce pain symptoms but the therapy works in a different manner to eliminate pain symptoms so we had to give them their own rooms.


Slowly we found a lab that each of the 95+ therapies would fit into nicely from our Altitude Lab to the Muscle Lab. Each lab we designed had a single purpose or ailment to contend with for our customers to get under control or improve their quality of life.  Since we are the first of our kind we had no business model to copy or pricing method to compare to and we wanted to make sure that our customers received the proper number of treatments to be effective at a price that was affordable.

More importantly all of our staff or "body mechanics" know a lot about each of the therapies offered at the club,  but one specialist has been assigned to each lab that knows everything their lab can help our clients improve with..