Having a career with high stress levels may not be avoidable, but should be managed.  You may be one of the best heart transplant doctors in the area, so quitting your job will not necessarily be a viable option.  But you do need to recognize what these constant high levels of stress will do to your body over time.   We have designed Club Recharge to help individuals cope with these exhaustive, stressful careers by providing stress reduction therapeutic solutions.  There are over 95+ therapies at Club Recharge that can help you better cope with the stress from your job while you watch out for your own health.


My father's advice to me growing up was to always "do what you know" for the simple reason that I would understand what my customer is going through and will be able to offer more effective solutions.   Science has conclusively shown that stress on the body has a very negative effect, including many diseases related to stress.   Because of my unique situation of having a high stress life and in-depth knowledge of how these therapies can help the body.   Club Recharge is in a unique position to help people in similar situations cope with the stress they are facing.

"Stop trying to calm the storm,

calm yourself, the storm will pass."


Whether your are in a high stress occupation or have a job with heavy demands and long hours, you are at risk from the effects stress has on the body.  We don't give career advice at Club Recharge, instead we identify which therapies best help you cope with the stress from your job.   Our team can help you identify those therapies that best help your body unwind and decompress.



Our plan is simple, we evaluate your stress levels after each session to derive the adequate types of therapies that best help you reduce your stress levels.   Each plan starts with a basic recommended therapy list and is constantly refined until we have those therapies your body responds best to.

Recommended Therapy

Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Infrared Sauna

PEMF Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Float Therapy