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Meet The Founder of Recharge - The Human Body Charging Station

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I am a single dad of three of the most wonderful children in the world, and grandpa to my daughter's dog shadow. People often wonder where my passion for wellness comes from.  After you read my story, you'll understand.

I have always been fascinated with the science behind the human body and have been reading about health, wellness and longevity for over 35 years.  Throughout my younger life I experienced far too many sudden losses of loved ones that came without warning and without explanation and I needed some answers.   The first of those losses was my 5 year old nephew that was a normal happy and healthy little boy with no medical conditions or problematic history of health issues, just like many of your children.  He woke up with an ear ache on a normal Thursday morning and because it didn't get better by Friday my sister took him to emergency room and was sent home with a medication and was told not to worry that its just an ear infection.  By Saturday morning he woke up and couldn't speak so my sister rushed him back to the ER and before the day had ended my lovable little nephew with his handsome smile and beautiful laugh was gone.   We were all left in a complete state of shock and very little explanation of how and why this happened.


the day my life changed forever

I was 23 years old and living my best life with everything going my way.  That Friday morning I had a meeting to sell the business that I had built for $500k and was all smiles.  My dad, being one of my biggest supporters was so proud of my success that he insisted on closing the deal in his fancy office because he wanted to be their for my big day.   We signed the deal and collected the money and made plans to go out to celebrate that weekend.  After teasing each other for a few minutes, I got up and gave him a quick hug, because my dad did not show affection and went to the bank to deposit my check, little did I know that I was saying goodbye.   That Friday night my dad took my mom to his favorite restaurant and they did their own celebration, but before they left he called me and left a message with my girlfriend to come over his house the next morning to meet his financial planner. 


After returning home from dinner my dad started having chest pains and believing that it was probably just heartburn from something that he ate at dinner he went to bed.  Sometime in the middle of the night my father suffered a massive heart attack leaving the entire family without a leader, hero or rock and no one to tell us that everything will be OK.

not my brother

A few years later, still trying to get used to living my life without my father, my hero and my best friend the phone rings about 10pm on a Friday night.  We had some friends over playing cards and it was just a normal evening.  Since I was losing in the poker game I volunteered to answer the phone to avoid losing another poker hand.   When i picked up the phone and put the receiver to my ear I could hear someone sobbing and the person on the other end said that Joe my older brother was just rushed to the hospital and I need to get their ASAP.  My stomach sank as we quickly got our shoes on and rushed to the hospital.  When we arrived at the hospital we were informed that my brother suffered a brain bleed and was in critical condition.  Over the next 23 days while machines kept my brother alive and we waited for his body to be stable enough to undergo surgery i began to study everything I could find regarding his condition.  I became obsessed with what makes his bodies vitals react the way they do, so much so that when doctors would provide me an update on my brothers condition that they would ask if I was a doctor.  I was determined to not let this end the way it had in the past.  On the 23rd day his body was finally stable enough to survive surgery.  The doctors informed me the night before that the surgery would be long and very complicated and said that I didn't need to be to the hospital until around 3pm when they would be done.   So while I sat in the waiting room at 9am drinking my coffee I was surprised to see his doctor walking towards me with his head down.  He sat down next to me that and quietly explained what happened and that my brother Joe was no longer with us here on earth, he was only 37.

not again

Only a few years later, my cousin still in his forties goes out to visit his family in California and wanting to get in one last swim in the ocean before he heads to the airport to catch his flight home he suffers a massive heart attack while swimming. 


losing mom


Over the next few years my sisters and I started noticing moms memory starting to slip.  Thinking that she's far to young only being in her mid sixties to have dementia we were puzzled.  But in her case the symptoms progressed so rapidly that in a few short months it became obvious.  After we received the formal diagnosis we moved mom into my home with my wife and 4 young kids as I slowly watched the disease slowly take her mind.  Over the next 4 years while mom lived with me I got to watch how nasty that disease is to both the patient and their family members.  That experience shaped my view of the world more than anyone would understand.

wellness is personal to me

After reading my story you may understand why I am so passionate about the business I founded and now run with my children.  To us being healthy is a choice and from our point of view the more people we can help we hope the less families will have to experience what our family went through.

High blood pressure is personal to me.

Heart health is personal to me

Dementia is personal to me.



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