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Meet The Founder of Club Recharge - The Human Body Charging Station

Weight Loss Before & After


As a person that has always been fascinated with the science behind the human body, I have been reading about wellness modalities and how they improve the body's natural systems for over 20 years.  The therapies and devices have not changed much in the past 20 years but the scientific backing that supports the results attained from using the therapy has become more substantial and proven.   



My story is very similar to many of yours with a few differences.  I was a semi-fit ex-athlete most of my adult life until my age slowly crept up on me while my diet & eating habits slowly got worse.  At the same time my metabolic rate began to slow from the decline of healthy muscle due to the lack of exercise and my body began to balloon.   The pounds slowly began to accumulate on my waistline until I was officially obese.  I reached a max weight 215lbs and found myself tired all the time, slow and sluggish and making excuses to get out of activities with my children.   So, like most of you, I decided that I needed to make a change, except I didn't believe in fad diets, because I knew a great deal about the science behind how the body works.  So, I designed my own weight loss program that hijacked the body's natural systems so that it never felt like a diet.  As I began the process of regaining my life, I found that to get the numbers I needed to verify my results that I had to travel 30, 40 or 50 miles to the nearest body composition scale or metabolic test and no single place had everything and most places that owned the equipment did not know how it even worked.  I recruited my children into my experimental journey of weight loss and kept testing, reading and studying the science behind how the body loses weight. 


In less than 9 months I went from a chubby 215lb dad to 155lb leaner, younger looking and healthier dad.  At the same time my son lost 40lbs and began feeling better about himself.  After the success of all of our weight loss we began to relive life again sharing new experiences, shopping for clothes to fit our new bodies and traveling all over the world.  It was almost like we were reborn and somehow the clocks were turned back 10 years for me.   I had unlimited amounts of energy to live.  I started trying new healthier versions of foods that I never experienced before, and it felt like my best life was still ahead of me and not behind me.


Like most bodies, ours were as far as we could take them naturally, but we knew that we could make them look even better.  So, I purchased a compact electrical muscle stimulation device and started to reactivate the muscles that had gone dormant over the years from the lack of use and combined that with a regular exercise regimen.   In a few short months I added over 25lbs of lean muscle back to my body which helped to fire up my body's natural metabolic rate and our bodies began to take the shape they once had years ago. 

As hard as I worked in the gym there were still parts of my body that would not return back to their former younger shape.  The stubborn troubled fat areas of my body and the skin that had been stretched from the excess weight I have carried for years was not snapping back into shape.  So, knowing the therapeutic effects that red light therapy had on the bodies skin and fat cells I purchased a laser lipo device to treat those troubled areas of my body until everything looked the way I wanted it to look.

I continued to read and study about all of the different holistic wellness modalities that were scientifically backed and had proven treatment results.  Over the course of a year, I compiled a list of over 200 unique wellness therapies that effected the body's natural systems and started to plan to assemble them and build a business around them. 

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