MEET The Founder
Meet the founder and creator of Club Recharge.

Weight Loss Before & After

"Nobody watches you harder than the people that

don't like you. Give them a show"


Each time a new member joins the club and gets to know me, inevitably the question is asked.  Why did I start Club Recharge?  Although the answer, like most is complicated I will do my best to explain.


My story is very similar to many of yours with a few differences.  I was a semi-fit ex-athlete most of my adult life until my age crept up on me and my eating habits slowly got worse.  At the same time my metabolic rate  began to slow with age and my body began to balloon.   The pounds slowly began to accumulate on my waistline until I was officially obese.  I reached a max weight 215lbs and found myself tired all the time, slow and sluggish and making excuses to get out of activities with my children.   So like most of you, I decided that I needed to make a change, except I didn't believe in diets, because I knew a great deal about how the body works.  So I designed my own weight loss program and began working out.  As I began the process of regaining my life I found that to get the numbers I needed to verify my results that I had to travel 30, 40 or 50 miles to the nearest body composition scale or metabolic test and no single place had everything.  I recruited my wife and children into my experimental journey of weight loss and kept studying the science behind how the body looses weight. 


In less than 9 months I went from a chubby 215lb dad to 155lb leaner, younger looking and healthier dad.  At the same time my son lost 40lbs and began feeling better about himself and my wife lost 35 lbs and looked even more beautiful, if that was even possible.  After the success of all of our weight loss we began to relive life again sharing new experiences, shopping for clothes to fit our new bodies and traveling all over the world.  It was almost like we were reborn and somehow the clocks were turned back 10 years.   My wife and I had unlimited amounts of energy to live.  I starting trying new healthier versions of foods that I never experienced before and it felt like my best life was still ahead of me and not behind me.


Like most bodies ours were as far as we could take them naturally but we knew that we could make them look even better.  My wife worked exhaustively on regaining her 20 year old butt doing every Jane Fonda type workout she could find on the internet, with no success.  I explained to her that the muscles in her butt have went dormant and they needed to be reactivated.  So I purchased her a electrical muscle stimulation unit and had her EMS her glute muscles.  Suddenly they came back to life and her butt was tighter, smaller and became more full.   I began to explore the possibility of building a company that would expose all of the holistic therapies backed by science to Cleveland.  Then suddenly with little warning my wife of 22 years told me that she wanted out of our marriage.   It took me a while to regain my balance from this news and even longer to adjust to my new normal.  Needless to say, I had a lot of free time on my hands without my best friend/wife by my side.  One evening, I took the outline of the business I was developing with my wife and began to rebuild the idea of how I could change other peoples lives as dramatically as I had changed my own, minus the divorce, of course.

I spent hundreds of hours researching and reading university studies, clinical trails and any science backed approach to the effectiveness of holistic therapies.   The list of therapies grew to over 150 scientifically backed  options.  Each night I would research and read 20-40 university studies on each specific therapy I was considering and added it to my list.  The list each night would grow by one therapy and shrink by three therapies after reading the outcome of the studies.  Many nights I would start reading at 4pm and would continue until 4-5 am in the morning.   It slowly took over my life and for months I spent 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week reading and researching the benefits of these therapies.    When I had finalized my list one evening about 3am, I sat in bed and starred at the list I had created.  Months had passed from the news my wife gave me and my head began to become unscrambled.  In the background the TV in my bedroom was on and the movie "Shawshank Redemption" was playing and as I looked over my list I glanced up to her Morgan Freedman say the line " Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying"  and I decided at that moment to get busy living.



The same determination I had during the research phase of Club Recharge continues everyday.  My office at the club is correctly named the research lab, because when you visit the club that is where you will find me. Sitting behind my computer researching new therapies, reading clinical trials or university studies trying to identify therapies that will help make someones life better.   The club started with 75 therapies and since we opened I have added 20+ more. 

My mission at Club Recharge was to make wellness affordable to everyone.  That is why I made memberships unlimited and shareable.  The biggest reward all of us get working at Club Recharge is that we are actually changing the direction of people's live.  Clients walk in to the club in pain, believing that is their life and after a few sessions have a different outlook on their future.  One client stopped me the other day in the hall and told me that she suffered from migraine headaches her whole life.  Before becoming a Club Recharge member she would have between 17-20 migraines a month and with the biggest smile on her face she told me since she started a few months ago at Recharge she has had a total of 3 headaches.  This news on the surface sounds fantastic and it is, but to know that this client is also a school teacher means that her students will now get the best of her, each day in her classroom.


The countless stories I have over the 8 short months since we opened can fill a book.  Club Recharge has been my mission to change people's lives for the better and we are doing that one client at a time.