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Living longer and improving your quality of life has never been more affordable.  Recharge Wellness can help you live longer, age slower and improve your overall quality of life.  By utilizing over 95 therapies with custom developed therapeutic protocols Recharge is able to turn back the hands of time.

Recharge Health & Wellness
Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Muscle activation or muscle re-education is the process of re-establishing dormant neurological pathway connections to existing muscle fiber.  Using electrical muscle stimulation we are able connect more active muscle fiber efficiently to the brain.   By activating muscle fibers while under electrical muscle stimulation we are able to establish more connections and recruit more muscle fiber to actively participate in training and competition.

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Russian Stimulation


Russian stimulation is a form of high-frequency electrical wave stimulation that uses electricity to contract muscle tissue. After injury or surgery, you may be experiencing muscle weakness.  Russian stimulation is used to help improve the contraction of your muscles.  Russian currents are alternating currents (AC) at a frequency of 2.5 kHz that are burst modulated at a frequency of 50 Hz with a 50% duty cycle.

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660nm Red Light Bed Therapy

Red light bed therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to reportedly improve your skin's appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness and acne.   Red light helps the body release nitric oxide, a signaling molecule that helps our cells manage blood pressure levels. According to additional research, LED red light therapy has even more health benefits than potentially lowering blood pressure.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses a special pressure chamber that increases the amount of oxygen in your blood so your wounds can heal faster and more efficiently. It can improve your oxygen supply, reduce swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps wound healing by bringing oxygen-rich plasma to tissue starved for oxygen.  Wound injuries damage the body's blood vessels, which release fluid that leaks into the tissues and causes swelling.

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Doctor Flex Neurostimulation


Using neuromuscular an electrical muscle lengthening device while actively stretching gives you the ability to increase range of motion, lengthen muscles and reduce possible injuries.  The Flex Dr. uses a similar electrical current that the body naturally produces which reduces the effects of stimulation and helps your muscles effectively lengthen.  Neurologically tune your muscles for peak performance.  

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Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod

infrared cocoon sauna pod therapy

Cocoon infrared therapy can assist in detoxification, weight loss, cardiovascular health, skin purification, and stress reduction. Infrared light therapy can also help your body produce more white blood cells, making your immune system stronger and promoting regular biorhythms and better sleep.  Infrared cocoon sauna can improve skin complexion and health, and even reduce lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

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Float Tank Therapy

sensory deprivation float tank therapy

The main benefit of using a sensory deprivation tank is to ease mental anxiety and muscle tension. Due to how buoyant the Epsom salt and water solution is, you can fully relax all of your muscles when floating. This is similar to experiencing zero gravity.  For best results, we recommend regular sessions, and many clients find that floating once or twice a week provides the most benefits.

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Whole Body Vibration

whole body vibration therapy

Whole-body vibration three times a week can aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.  In addition to its beneficial effects on muscle strength, WBV has also been observed to improve balance.  Depending on your present health and fitness level, you should begin to see and feel results in about 2 to 6 weeks.

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Compression Massage Therapy

Compression mAssage therapy

Compressions can help increase healing to damaged tissues. Compressions accelerate the healing process by increasing oxygen and nutrients into the tissues.   Oxygen and nutrients can work to repair and heal any damaged cells. Increasing the healing process can help speed up recovery.  Compression therapy can improve blood circulation in the legs and reduce pain and swelling. In addition, it can help heal ulcers and wounds.

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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

full spectrun infrared sauna therapy

Full spectrum infrared sauna's can detoxify the body as much as seven times more effectively than standard sauna units because they produce heavy natural sweating that moves harmful elements out of the body quite quickly and also mobilizes toxins by inducing a fat based sweat.   A full-spectrum infrared sauna, as its name suggests, offers treatments at various levels, known as near, middle, and far.   All waves are absorbed into the body like sunlight.

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Percussion Massage Therapy

percussion massage therapy

One of the most important benefits of massage guns is the ability to promote recovery after injury or intense activity by improving blood flow to the area. Precisely targeting small and large muscles with deep percussive pressure provides other recovery-related benefits, including decreasing muscle pain and tension.  A massage gun doesn't break down fat cells, but accelerates the whole fat breakdown process and helps in getting rid of sagging skin.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatment promotes the resolution of inflammation by stimulating the expression of cytokines and metabolic pathways involved in dampening and resolving the inflammatory response.  PEMF enhanced peripheral nerve regeneration, and that it may be due to cell proliferation and increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and S100 gene expression.

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440nm Blue Light Therapy

blue light acne treatment therapy

Blue light therapy is most commonly used to treat sun damage and premalignant or malignant skin cancer growths. It can actually be used to prevent skin cancer and remove both precancerous skin lesions and cancerous skin lesions that haven't spread to other areas of the body (or metastasized).  Blue light therapy, also known as photo-dynamic therapy, is a type of light treatment that's used to treat diseased or damaged skin.

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Micron Bubble Oxygen Bath Therapy

Micron bubble oxygen bath therapy

A micro bubble tub uses a pump and an portal to infuse the bath water with millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles super-saturate the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular bath water. The bubbles are small enough to enter the skin's pores, removing impurities and providing oxygen.  Exposure to oxygen-rich heated bathwater increases vitality, delivers intense skin hydration, promotes anti-aging, relieves stress.

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Science Backed Weight Loss

science backed weight loss health gain consultations

Losing weight is actually more about gaining your health than it is about losing weight.  Scientifically as you begin to lose weight it is more important to understand where you're losing the weight from as opposed how much weight you have lost.  Your body is made up of approximately 40-60% water and losing water from dehydration will actually make you more unhealthy. 

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Lipo Laser Body Contour Fat Melting

lipo laser fat melting treatments

Generally, the results of laser lipo are permanent and produce a noticeable difference in body profile within a very short period of time without excessive trauma or aggressive treatment. The procedure can also take multiple sessions over several weeks, depending on the patient and the area being treated.  For best results we recommend between 12-16 sessions to reduce one inch of fat.

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660nm Red Light Hair Growth Therapy

RED light hair re-growth therapy

Red light is especially effective at treating hair loss; specifically, light in the 620nm (nano meter) to 660nm wavelengths work best. It works by increasing blood flow in the scalp; this stimulates the metabolism in hair follicles, resulting in more hair production.  Backed by a strong base of peer-reviewed clinical research, red light treatments have increased hair count, hair density, and hair thickness for men and women alike.

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Mircocurrent Skin Tightening Therapy

microcurrent skin tightening therapy

Widely known as the nonsurgical face-lift, micro-current therapy diminishes signs of aging, improves your face & body contour, and brightens your complexion. As its name suggests, it makes use of low-voltage electrical current to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin.  Improved elasticity due to an increase in natural elastin production.  Improved collagen production and skin cell turnover which diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

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Biowave Nerve Pain Blocking

biowave nerve pain blocking treatment

BioWave is a patented pain blocking technology that is designed to block pain at the source delivering therapeutic electrical signals through the skin that actually prevents pain from reaching the brain.  Active electric waves travel beneath the skin directly to the source of the pain. These waves block pain at the nerve, stopping pain messages from traveling through the nervous system to the brain.

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Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

hydrogen inhalation therapy

Inhaled hydrogen gas (H2) has been shown to have significant protective effects on ischemic organs. Clinical trials abroad have shown promise that treatment of patients suffering from stroke, cardiac arrest, or heart attacks may benefit from inhaling hydrogen gas during the early recovery period.  Hydrogen gas inhalation improves lung function and protects established airway inflammation in the allergic pathway associated with the inhibition of oxidative stress.

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Wet Steam Sauna Pod

wet steam sauna therapy

Wet steam can help relieve pain and lower muscle damage. Steam can offer some relief by increasing blood flow to muscles. Steam bath can significantly improve your cardiovascular health.  A study of individuals showed that moist heat improved circulation, especially in extremities.  Improved circulation can lead to lowered blood pressure and a healthier heart. It can also promote healing of broken skin tissue.

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Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

vibroacoustic sound therapy

Vibroacoustic therapy is a new sound technology that uses audible sound vibrations to reduce symptoms, invoke relaxation, and alleviate stress. This technology is developed based on the recognition that external vibration can influence body function.   Research demonstrates the effectiveness of vibroacoustic therapy.  The sound gently permeates the cells allowing massage from inside as well as out.

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High Intensity Infrared Sauna Wrap

high intensity infrared sauna wrap therapy

Infrared body wrap reduces pain and speeds up fitness recovery. The heat that penetrates the body increases blood flow, blood circulation, and acts on painful nerve endings, relaxing pain. Athletes undergo infrared body wrap treatments to treat sore muscles and to speed up recovery after injuries, sprains, and strains.  Far infrared heat energy (FIR) that penetrate twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the skin.

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Anti-Aging Red/IR Light Therapy

anti-aging skin tightening red light blanket therapy

Red light therapy can stimulate collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity.   Increase fibroblast production, which makes collagen. Collagen is a component of connective tissue that builds skin.  Red light therapy has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, promote the healing of scars and blemishes, and tighten sagging skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance

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FitBody Infrared Sauna Wrap

fitbody infrared sauna wrap therapy

The FIT Bodywrap system is a revitalizing full body sauna wrap treatment that cocoons you in soothing far infrared heat. Infrared heat works by warming the body from the inside out to raise core body temperature, increase metabolic rate, shrink fat cells, and encourage the production of sweat.  You can see benefits for detoxification and pain relief after as little as one session. Weight loss, improved skin, and lower stress levels will take multiple sessions.

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Cranial Electro Stimulation Therapy

cranial electrotherapy anxiety treatment

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a form of neurostimulation that delivers a small, pulsed, alternating current via electrodes on the head. CES is used with the intention of treating a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.  CES has predominantly been used for the relief of symptoms accompanying three clinical disorders: insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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NanoVi Ordered Water Therapy

nanovi bioidentical ordered water treatment

The NanoVi® device works by supporting the repair side of the equation. It helps initiate the repair of proteins, DNA, and other cell components so that ongoing free radical damage does not get the upper hand.  Recharge wellness offer NanoVi to help clients address oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals.  NanoVi™ technology generates precisely the same signal that the body uses to trigger cellular repair.

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