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Many people dream about opening a wellness studio, but unfortunately most wellness franchises cost between $750,000 and $1.5 million dollars to open, which is out of many people's price range. That's why we developed Recharge Health & Wellness, an unlimited wellness studio that is a fraction of the cost of a typical wellness franchise. Each studio is designed, built, equipped and opened for typically under $250,000 in total costs with at least 70+ modalities and having capacity for up to 400 active member passes. Recharge also does not charge a franchise fee or have any long-term percentage of sales royalties.

OWN A Recharge

 We receive approximately 40-60 requests from passionate wellness minded individuals each month to open a Recharge Studio and we work with each new potential partner to ensure that we find the best fit.  Some people we work with have the passion for wellness, the time to dedicate to their studio and the money it takes to make it all happen. While other's have the passion for wellness and the time to fully dedicate to their studio but do not have all of the money that's needed.  Recharge connects these individuals with people that have a passion for wellness and the money, but don't have the time to run a studio full time so together they can make it happen.  So, if you don't have all of the money don't worry there is still a way for you to pursue your passion to own a Recharge wellness studio.



 We firmly believe that one of the major keys to our success is the people that own and work at the studio, all must have empathy and compassion for others, therefore that must be included in the recipe for your success.  We are in the compassion business, and everything we do at Recharge should be focused on listening to our customers and helping them improve their overall health and wellness.  Recharge is looking for compassionate wellness minded owners to lead the unlimited health & wellness revolution at every location.  


Since we opened Recharge in 2020, we have grown to over 2,500 members, delivered over 90,000 sessions and now have to limit the number of passes we sell each month to prevent overcrowding at the club.  Spending only $30-$50 per day on advertising is all that is required for Recharge to generate 300-400 daily unique visitors to the website and $25,000 - $30,000 in sales each month and to increase your sales you can simply increase your daily advertising budget.  At our Recharge we offer wellness, beauty, health & testing which all are not required in order to become a partner location.


Over the next few minutes, we will discuss how the Recharge model is different, along with the process we use to open a new Recharge partner location.  It is surprisingly inexpensive, fairly straight forward and not as complex as many people might believe.  Recharge sets milestones that each partner location must surpass before we both agree to move forward. We want to be sure that each location will be successful before we sign and commit.  We believe that it's better to test before our partners invest.  

Recharge stands alone as the only wellness studio that offers unlimited access to modality sessions. Our unlimited access model allows each of our customers to receive $300-$500 worth of value on each visit for an unbelievably low flat fee.  Because of this design, our customers get so much more for their money, than traditional wellness studios, that they feel compelled to share their Recharge experience with friends and family.  Over 90% of first-time customers tell us that they were referred by a current or former member of Recharge and once a customer experiences unlimited wellness they will never pay per session again, so each customer becomes a Recharge customer for life. 


We place no restrictions on the size, number of modalities or the look and feel of each studio.  Where the typical wellness franchise wants every location to look and feel the same, which costs their franchise owners $300k - $400k in construction and build out costs. We are fine with a Dallas, Texas Recharge Studio being a 2,000 sq/ft location with more of a country western look & feel and a Seattle, Washington Recharge Studio having a 4,000 sq/ft footprint with more of a hipster vibe.  We want each Recharge Studio to be properly sized to market demand with the widest range of the most popular modalities, for the most reasonable unlimited price.  To us its more important that every Recharge Studio is its own experience, a destination, a place that mirrors its geography and is staffed with knowledgeable compassionate people, than what color you paint the walls.


Before we ever sign the Recharge agreement with a potential new partner, and they invest tens of thousands of dollars or more into their wellness business. Recharge builds each new partner a complete fully functional Recharge Health & Wellness website with their own custom branding and launches an aggressive marketing campaign.  Each new partner location must meet the 30-, 60- and 90-day milestones that are required to move forward.

We used these 30-, 60- and 90-day milestones when we opened the first Recharge to gage the market size and demand for each of the services that we offered.  The market analysis also proved to be very effective for determining the size of our studio and where it should be located which helped keep our monthly expenses under control.  In short, by performing a market analysis before we committed financially, we were able to take most of the risk out of the process.



Working with this data, our potential new partners will have a much better understanding and knowledge as to which therapies they should offer, which they should not, how big they should make their studio, and who is their main audience demographic. This process dramatically simplifies and reduces the risk involved with opening a new wellness business by reducing potential overspending on cool trendy therapies that will turn out to be not that popular or profitable after you open. 

By taking the extra time and performing a precise market analysis before we both commit, we are able to help each new potential partner understand the potential market size and demographics along with which are the popular therapies in their market area so they can offer the services already in the highest demand when they open.  


We currently only offer one Recharge licensed partner location per region, and each new partner location must be 25 or more miles aways from any existing Recharge location to avoid competing over the same customer.





The first step after selecting a new market location is to build and launch your fully functional Recharge website and deploy our proven marketing plan.  Using a group of trusted ads, Recharge aims to identify and gage the level of potential customer interest in your desired market. Since we have used these exact ads for years, we already know they work and what response will produce effective profitable results for your studio.  


Now that we are confident that there is a large customer demand in your market, we next need to know which therapies you should offer at your Recharge studio.  By deploying a group of therapy specific proven ads, we are able to isolate which exact therapies will draw in new business to your Recharge studio.  This step is critical to prevent overspending on wellness equipment that will not be beneficial or profitable to your Recharge studio.  From our perspective, we know that ice bath therapy has enormous health benefits, but if it is too expensive to advertise and promote because of low customer demand, nobody will ever know that your Recharge studio offers it.


Next, we need to understand the average age and demographics of your potential customer.  A Recharge studio in Naples, FL will have a different age demographic than a Recharge studio in Seattle, WA.  By deploying a group of age specific proven ads, we are able to isolate which exact age demographic will likely use your Recharge studio.  This data will help you customize your Recharge studio, and tailor it specifically to your largest customer audience, making it more desirable to those clients that will use it most.  


Now that we know a lot of details about your potential customer audience, including their age and the therapies that they are most likely to use, we are ready to begin building your club on paper and selecting the therapy equipment.  The team at Recharge will walk you through this entire process and explain all of your options, each step along the way.  Every studio is customized to the specific location and budget. 


Once we have selected all of the individual pieces of equipment, we can now walk you through all of your finance options.  Typical equipment packages range between $60,000 - $150,000 some of which will require between 10%-20% down and monthly payments for 36, 48 or 60 months.  Our goal is to make all Recharge partner locations debt free within 3 years to make owning a Recharge a stress-free endeavor, so limiting how much we spend in the beginning is critical.


Once your financing is approved, we have prepared a monthly cost analysis of how much it will cost to operate your Recharge studio, and when we both are comfortable with everything and agree that this will be a successful endeavor, we will sign the agreement and begin the process.  We believe it's critical for each partner to know exactly how much it will cost to operate their club and how much in sales they will need to generate a profit, so that we have a plan to get to those levels quickly.


There are no specific requirements for where you locate your Recharge studio, so retail space, warehouse space or medical office space are all contenders.  The important thing is to find the best location that requires the least amount of construction for the best cost. Remember, Recharge Health & Wellness is the only unlimited wellness business of its kind, so flashy retail locations are not necessary.  The vast array of therapy modality options and unlimited access pricing will drive the wellness minded customers to your studio, wherever its located.


By the time your Recharge studio is ready to open to the public we will have been marketing and advertising for at least 6 months spreading the word about the newest Recharge location, which will create immediate sales success.  This will dramatically shorten the time it takes for your studio to begin operating profitably.  



 All Recharge studios are independently owned and operated, and Recharge places No Restrictions on selling your studio to whomever you wish. You only pay Recharge to manage your website, manage your advertising and consult you on any/all wellness questions you may have anytime throughout the process.  So, when you want to expand and add new therapies, or replace unpopular therapies we will be there for you, consulting you about the best options available.

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