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Since we developed the concept and opened our first location over two years ago, we have received hundreds of inquiries from individuals, investors and existing business owners about how they could start a Club Recharge in their community. 


Before Recharge, wellness therapies were typically sold one treatment at a time with high price points, huge margins, or long-term contracts and little noticeable results.   Our mission was to change the way wellness was delivered, how it was priced and guaranteed to deliver the intended results.   We believed that wellness is not something you sell, rather it is something you teach.


Is Club Recharge a Franchise?

No, Club Recharge is not a franchise, it is a rental agreement between Club Recharge and your entity.   By using the rental model, we have much more flexibility to custom tailor each location depending on economic conditions and population size in the community you are expanding into.  The rental agreement allows you to operate under the Club Recharge brand while having much more control for the shape and direction of your club.

how much is the initial investment?

There is no initial investment for Club Recharge instead we take a security deposit of $65k and rent to you all of the equipment for a term of 36, 48, 60 or 72 months.   During this rental term all of your equipment is 100% completely warranted, which means if any piece of our equipment stops working you will receive a replacement piece of equipment for free.  This provides our owners with peace of mind that they won't have unexpected expenses to worry about so that they can concentrate on providing the best service and experience to their members.



Training is always included as part of your agreement for free for the life of your contract.  We will offer unlimited free training at our Cleveland location to any club owners or their employee's.  The Club Recharge training and education program is one of the keys to our success and why we have become so popular in such a short time.   It may be impressive that our locations have such a wide array of therapies but knowing how they work and what the science is behind them is what our clients are most impressed with when the join the club.

Will we help select a location?

Yes, Club Recharge does approve each location to ensure the integrity of our brand.  We look for a high exposure, lower cost retail or warehouse space that allows your business to maintain the Club Recharge pricing model format, while still attracting drive-by traffic.  It is important to the Club Recharge brand that we maintain affordable pricing that stays in the range of the average American working class family.  Wellness has not been affordable for far to long.

is financing available?

Yes, Club Recharge provides financing for all club owners as part of the set up and approval process.  Our partnership model has been designed and built to attract individuals that are more passionate about wellness than they are about money, so even if you can afford our security deposit, we may still be able to help.

How long does it take to open a new location?

The clubs are sold on a turn-key basis, which means we include almost everything you need short of some pens and paper for the front desk.  Generally a rule of thumb would be 6 months but it depends mostly on the location you choose, so finding a location that requires minimal structural changes or improvements is beneficial.   The more that the site is ready for use the faster you will be able to open and begin providing services.

Does Club Recharge Help With Construction?

Yes, the Club Recharge partnership team has over 20+ years experience in the construction industry.  We will be more than happy to help assist you with finding an architect your comfortable with along with a construction manager if your site requires major improvements.  In general we would prefer that you make the build-out part of your landlords job duties and not yours.  Most landlords will build out the space to your specs for a longer term lease of 5 to 7 years.   They will bring it to meet the city building code, while accommodating your needs up to the paint and finishes.  This is known as white boxing the space.  

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