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Before Recharge, wellness was typically sold one treatment at a time with high price points, huge margins, or long-term contracts and little noticeable results.   Our mission was to change the way wellness was delivered, how it was priced and guaranteed to deliver the intended results.   At Recharge, we believe that wellness is not something you sell, rather it is something you teach.



Recharge Health & Wellness is not an expensive franchise, with a large upfront franchise fee and royalties, rather its a small monthly consulting fee with a guided step by step approach of how to launch a successful Recharge Health & Wellness business using the very same approach we used to launch the very first Recharge.

Below is a a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is Recharge a Franchise?

No, Recharge is not a franchise, it is a small monthly consulting service agreement between Recharge Health & Wellness and yourself.  Because we don't have a large franchise fee or upfront charges and we don't make money unless our partners are successful, its important to Recharge that we choose the right partners that will be successful.

how much is the initial investment?

The initial investment for a Recharge Health & Wellness location typically ranges between $75k-$200k for the wellness equipment package that you select, and financing can be arranged for you if necessary. 




Training is included as part of your agreement for free for the life of your agreement.  We offer unlimited free training at our Cleveland location to any Recharge owners or their employee's and we also do onsite training for a when they deliver the Recharge equipment. 

Will we help select a location?

Yes, Recharge Health & Wellness can help owners select a location.  We look for a high exposure, lower cost retail, office or warehouse space that allows your business to maintain the Recharge low cost pricing model format, while still being easy to find.  It is important to the Recharge Health & Wellness brand that we maintain affordable pricing for our clients,  so rent costs need to be as low as possible.

is financing available?

Yes, Recharge Health & Wellness can help provide financing for club owners as part of the set up and approval process.  Our partnership model has been designed and built to attract individuals that are more passionate about wellness than they are about money, so even if you can afford the initial investment, we may still be able to help.

How long does it take to open a new location?

Generally a rule of thumb would be 6-9 months but it depends mostly on the location you choose, so finding a location that requires minimal structural changes or improvements is beneficial.   The more that the site is ready for use the faster you will be able to open and begin providing services.

what are the next steps to begin the process?

To begin the process please complete the form below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a conversation and help you learn more about the entire process.

If you would like to  begin the process, please complete the form below and a representative will contact you.

Do You Have Experience in The Wellness Industry?
When Are You Ready To Start?
Where In Ohio Would You Like To Start Your Club?
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Crime?
Who Will Run and Operate Your Club?
Would You Like To Add Club Recharge To An Existing Business?
What Are Your Passions?
What is Your Net Worth?

Thank You For Your Application

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