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MY battle with cancer

Meet The Founder of Recharge Wellness - The Human Body Charging Station



When I first began to develop the idea of Club Recharge I never in my wildest dreams thought that it could change our customers lives so dramatically.  From my own personal experiences and my battle with cancer I have been on a mission to find alternative ways to treat common health related issues without prescription medication or unnecessary surgery.  Although in my case the surgery and radiation treatments were completely necessary to remove the cancer cells that were invading my body.  It was not necessary to completely destroy my quality of life, inflict massive pain and permanently destroy my skin and voice.  Below is a brief story of how I used the science backed therapies at Club Recharge to dramatically improve my pain levels, keep my voice, not have noticeable skin effects and never miss a day of work, keeping my quality of life.


It began back in October 2021 when my voice began to get worse day by day until by the end of November it was very difficult to talk and even harder to understand what I was saying.  I started making doctor appointments first with the CVS Minute Clinic nurses and then with the Cleveland Clinic urgent care.  Each visit netted no results or answers and many possible diagnoses were offered without any relief.  The consensus was either a weather related flu, allergy or strain of my vocal cords.  After weeks of no improvements, a friend recommended their family ENT "ears, nose & throat" doctor that just so happen to have an opening in two weeks.  After a brief examination and a few back and forth questions with the ENT doctor, their appeared to be another dead end.  The doctor could not see anything and needed to look deeper inside my throat.  He left the room and came back with a camera looking devise with a long hose on the end, sprayed a few shots of something up my nose and popped the camera hose devise in my nose.  When he finally reached the point where he could see what he was looking for, he asked me to say "heeeeee" after about 2 seconds he quickly removed the camera and said he would be right back, that he needed to clean the camera.   When he came back he walked over to the white board and drew a crude picture of my vocal cords and then drew a big lump on the vocal cords and carefully explained that I had a growth on my vocal cords.  I quickly asked if I had cancer, to which he nodded and followed with a statement that I will need a biopsy to confirm, but I knew from the look on his face he knew what he saw, because he has seen it countless times.    He asked to refer me to a partner at the practice to perform the surgery and would check with his office to see when he had time to see me.  When he returned to the room, he said go their right now because he wants to see you today, which further confirmed that it was very serious.  After another few shots of some sort of spray up my nose and a similar camera following shortly behind and a quick "heeeee" the diagnoses was confirmed, this time with a 90% chance that it was cancer.  


Surgery was scheduled for the first available opening that the operating room had available.  Originally they were discussing just a quick outpatient biopsy of the area to determine what the mass was until they found out that I have a medical condition known as malignant hypothermia which essentially makes my body allergic to anesthesia, which complicates any surgery further.   They decided to do everything at one time reducing the number of times I would be put to sleep.  They were going to remove as much of the mass as possible, from which they could get their biopsy.  They were also going to biopsy the tissue in my throat and lungs to make sure that it hadn't spread.  The surgery went off fine and was immediately forwarded to Siedman's Cancer Center after the biopsy came back with a cancer diagnosis.   



Before I began my scheduled radiation treatments I was treated to a couple trips to the MRI machine including the dye they inject into your body.  For those of you that have never had the pleasure or non-pleasure of having an MRI with contrast dye I will share my experience.  They pass you through the machine a few times very quickly telling you to hold your breathe each time for about 15 seconds and you think to yourself this will be easy, not sure what everyone makes such a big deal about.  Then they ask if your ready for the scan for real, to which you say yes, they inject the dye which immediately makes you feel like you wet your pants followed by the an overwhelming feeling that your going to throw up and that 15 second trip through the MRI machine you practiced holding your breath for in now 5 minutes long.  Yeah, lets just say not good times.


My first visit to the cancer doctor at the Siedman Cancer Center was a little overwhelming and for me it was probably the first time that it really sank in that I have cancer.  Being a single dad of three wonderful kids I tried to make the experience the least traumatic on them as possible so I only spoke about positive outcomes and acted tough. and reminded each of them that I got this.    I am also wise enough to know people as tough or tougher than me that walked into this fight with the same mindset and cancer still won.   My doctors first concern was that I didn't have much body fat and as my treatments progressed that it would become increasingly more difficult to swallow.  My doctor explained to me the process and milestones I would pass along the way and what I should expect in the way of pain and how it can be dealt with.  


My cancer doctor at our first visit went into great detail about the radiation treatment procedure which took a total of about 10 minutes , but then began to explain the side effects from the radiation which went on for over an hour.  The list of possible side effects from radiation are long, nasty and very scary.  The level of pain associated with radiation treatments was explained as getting the worst sunburn you could ever imagine on the inside of your throat.  Meaning anything that touched it would be incredibly painful.

Typical Patient SIDE EFFECTS

The doctors and nurses explained to me the typical side effects that patients experience would progress as the radiation treatments continued.   The pain levels would continue to increase throughout the sessions and at some point they could prescribe a narcotic to help control the pain.  They did say that at some point the pain may increase to levels high enough that the pain pills may not work and a feeding tube could be installed to ensure I was receiving proper nutrition, yikes.   They next informed me that as the radiation treatments continued my voice would begin to fail about 3-4 weeks into treatment and may not return for 4-8 weeks after treatments have ended.  Finally they told me that my skin would begin to dry out, turn very red and then black and then blister and become very painful.  These were just a few of the side effects from the radiation treatments which I was able to confirm through several friends and family members that had throat cancer or watched someone go through it.   I knew Club Recharge was developed to help clients with these symptoms and had therapies that could reduce or eliminate pain, could help manage inflammation and could help stimulate new cell growth and fold proteins effectively to make repairs to damaged cells.  It was time to find out if all of the scientific studies and clinical trials I had read about each of the therapies was accurate and feel for myself the effects of these therapies I believe so deeply in.


After hearing what was going to happen to my body from being blasted with radiation treatments I designed a simple treatment regiment using four therapies that had a great deal of scientific evidence of their effectiveness.  I choose these four therapies to combat the effects of the radiation and added in an occasional fifth therapies to combat daily symptoms that popped up.


PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic field

PEMF was at the very top of my list, not only because of the vast amounts of scientific evidence that clearly has demonstrated its effectiveness to manage pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.  I have also personally watched hundreds of clients symptoms improve with my own eyes and have watched clients dealing with cancer improve.  I started with 30 minute treatments daily and as the radiation sessions continued and pain levels began to increase I upped the session length to 45 minutes and nearing the end 60 minutes of PEMF daily.  My pain levels never rose above a 2 out of 10 and within 5 days of the end of radiation treatments my pain levels have reached zero.  I was able to swallow whole foods throughout the entire treatment process including a celebratory steak burrito on the last day of treatments.



Red Light Therapy was also near the very top of my list mostly because of large amount of science backed data proving its effectiveness of stimulating new cell growth, improved circulation and reducing pain.  I started with 30 minute treatments daily and never changed the amount throughout the radiation treatment schedule.



I choose hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for the obvious healing properties in oxygen.  There is a great deal of science that supports the use of HBOT during the radiation treatment process.  High pressured oxygen being supplied to damaged tissue helps to dramatically shorten the recovery period and increase the healing time.  I started with 60 minutes twice a week and never increased the amount throughout the entire process.

Nanovi Protein Folding

Nanovi Bio-Identical Ordered Water is a relatively newer type of therapy although it was developed over 15 years ago in terms of wellness therapies it is a baby.  The process of protein folding although very basic, is fundamentally important to the bodies natural healing process.  As the cells are destroyed by the body naturally or through the radiation treatment process, the bodies job is to build new or replacement cells and without ordered water the body cannot fold proteins efficiently.  I started with with 30 minute daily sessions of NanoVi and never changed that amount throughout the treatment schedule.



Throughout the entire 6 week radiation treatment process I was able to drive myself back and forth to every treatment, never missed a day of work, had no special diet restrictions and only lost 2 lbs throughout the treatment schedule.   Although it was ultimately the radiation treatments that were able to shrink the tumors and kill the cancer, my life was not dramatically altered from the destructive side effects radiation has on the body.  Everyone seems to be amazed and have taken notice of my pace of recovery and the minimal amount of down time I experienced.  Other than the fatigue related symptoms that still linger my throat, my voice, my skin and my appetite have made a complete recovery one week after my final radiation session.

I did receive an overwhelming amount of prayers from friends, family, clients and complete strangers throughout the process that have also contributed to my complete recovery in one week.

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