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A 3-D body scan analysis is a 360 degree snapshot of all of the dimensions of your body.  As the scanner rotates it takes thousands of data points per second precisely recording every measurement of your bodies dimensions providing you with an exact percentage of improvement scan after scan usually not visible to the eye.  3-D scans also can help determine posture tips or leans if you are favoring a body part after a recent injury.



Why do you need a 3-D body scan analysis?   A 3-D body scan will provide you with an extremely precise snapshot of your bodies dimensions and help to identify very small changes in your bodies shape.  More importantly it will help to identify any unseen posture changes from recent injuries.



Who is a 3-D body scan analysis recommended for?  A 3-D body scan is recommended for all clients.


How often should you repeat this scan?  We recommend a 3-D body scan approximately every 6 months.  



Which body parts are tested?  A 3-D body scan will measure every dimension of every body part.



What are the results of this scan?  A 3-D body scan will provide you with all of the dimensions of your entire body.  At the same time the can will identify any subtle changes to your posture.



 In conclusion, a 3-D body scan analysis should be performed at least once a year to identify subtle changes to your body that the human eye has difficulty picking up.  An simple ankle roll in practice will cause the body to shift the weight away from the injury or pain sensation altering your athletic posture.  This shift in posture will apply different forces on other parts of the body resulting in muscle soreness or additional possible injuries.



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