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Do you know someone that is struggling with a chronic medical condition or just plain struggling with all the complexities of life?  You can help support them by becoming their wellness angel.

Since Recharge has opened, we have had a wellness angel program funded primarily by the studio owners.  Because of our compassion for others dealing with chronic long term medical conditions, we never wanted to turn people away that could not afford to continue their therapy, so we found a way to get them paid for.  For years we did this without making it public or any need for credit or admiration, just because it was the right thing to do.  Recently we opened it up to everyone that wanted to help and try to and make a difference in someone else's life.


The wellness angel program (sponsors) or contributes money towards services that friends, family members or complete strangers could really benefit from. A gift of $100 can support a friend, family member or stranger struggling with a chronic condition such as cancer, depression or chronic pain for an entire month.


 Over the years Recharge has had the fortune to work with a large number of professional athletes from our hometown sports teams along with many successful executives.  Once our wellness angel program became known to many of these individuals, they wanted to know how they could help contribute, so we started a wellness angel fund.  Each wellness angel can decide how much they want to contribute and who they want their funds to go towards.


Six months ago, we had a breast cancer patient come into Recharge to inquire about our services.  A few days later someone called the club and wanted to become her wellness angel and pay for her service anonymously.  The client went through all of her cancer treatments including chemotherapy and today is cancer free.  She is still continuing her therapy and still asks most every time she is in the club for the name of her wellness angel to thank them, to which we still respond that we don't know.   

When the Olympic athletes training for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games were in town that were training at the Olympic Training facility in Geneva, their coach reached out to us for help.  Because most Olympic athletes don't have sponsors and they pay for their own training and recovery, they didn't have the money to pay us for access.  So, we reached out to our angel network and found a few professional athletes that agreed for some of their funds to be allocated towards these athletes.  Over the next 3-4 weeks these athletes made the trip from Geneva, Ohio to Club Recharge every day to recover after work outs giving them their best chance to make the Olympic team and bring home the gold.


There are no minimum or maximum dollar amounts that a wellness angel can contribute and it completely acceptable to make a one-time contribution or a reoccurring wellness angel contribution.


Wellness Angels and their contributions are confidential unless you inform us otherwise.  If you want your wellness angel contribution to be directed towards a specific person or specific medical condition such as people battling cancer or individuals recovering from stroke, we will note that on your contribution and all proceeds will go exactly where you directed. 


You may choose to be a wellness angel for one specific person that you personally know that will benefit from our services or have your financial gift be allocated to a specific group of people, such as breast cancer clients.  If you would like to learn about the person or group of people you are helping with your wellness angel contribution, we will give you periodic updates on their progress.  


If you would like to become a wellness angel and become part of the network of people helping others get healthy, you may click the contribute link below to make a one-time contribution.  You may choose your own contribution dollar amount.

Contribute Now

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