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Addressing Lyme with NanoVi™ Bio-Identical Signaling

Evaluation of NanoVi™ technology suggests that it can play a valuable role in the treatment of Lyme, its co-infections, and related complications. NanoVi works by initiating cellular repair so it helps reduce damage and improve function – regardless of how infections present themselves in the body. Evidence supports four important advantages of using a NanoVi™ device to address Lyme:

1. Improve modulation of the immune system

2. Make the inflammatory process more effective

3. Improve mitochondrial efficiency

4. Reduce DNA damage Photons (light particles) play an important part in signaling between cells to promote healing.

Multiple studies demonstrate that infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) accelerate wound healing in humans, alleviate pain from multiple conditions and improve mitochondrial oxidative activity. Furthermore, infrared and near-infrared have a profound effect in reducing inflammation. The NanoVi™ utilizes a unique delivery system for a specific NIR wavelength that is highly effective against inflammation. Lyme does not happen in isolation. It is an interaction with the environment and the body and puts the whole system at risk. Lyme and its co-infections can wreak havoc throughout the body. Poor immune modulation and inflammation not only weaken the system, but are also damaging factors in their own right. The damage of Lyme and its co-infections has been researched and verified in all areas of physiology. The chronic inflammation is neurodegenerative and can lead to a host of psychological disorders. Strong immune modulation is essential for preventing Lyme-related cellular damage and repairing damage that has occurred. Although inflammation is an essential immune response, the activation of an inflammatory response accelerates the production of oxygen radicals that can promote damage to cells. Making the process of inflammation as effective as possible (promoting good inflammatory responses, limiting the bad inflammatory responses) is essential for proper health maintenance. Independent laboratories testing NanoVi™ demonstrate a potential to reduce the damage of Lyme and its co-infections:

1. NanoVi™ protects against excessive DNA damage and promotes repair

2. NanoVi™ improves mitochondrial efficiency and promotes immune system function

Known and tested results strongly suggest the use of NanoVi™ supports Lyme treatment by modulating the immune system, reducing chronic inflammation and improving mitochondrial function. These combinations work against factors known to promote Lyme progression and are important in countering the potential for related damage. The same published effects of IR/NIR on pain reduction, have been reported by NanoVi™ users. The measured effects of improved mitochondrial activity may help recovering individuals regain their energy levels faster. Finally, the reduction of radiation-induced DNA damage suggests the NanoVi™ device can play an important regenerative role. The NanoVi™ is a non-invasive and safe device that can be easily incorporated as part of a wellness strategy or Lyme recovery. The use of a bio-identical signaling system is a powerful tool that harnesses the healing potential of the body and can enhance the effects of other wellness and recovery programs.

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