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Botox vs Microcurrent Facials

A painless way to take your face to the gym

When it comes to anti-aging, the pursuit for the latest ‘it’ treatment is never-ending. Microcurrent facials are one of the latest innovations to spark a conversation but it's not a new technology, in fact, we know a lot about how and why microcurrent works.

This beauty treatment uses electricity to promote cell growth in the skin but better than that (and we will get to this, it gives you a natural life). Sounds shocking but the procedure is noninvasive, injection-free, and painless. Extra bonus? These treatments have immediate benefits with absolutely no recovery time. 

Are you intrigued? Read on to see if a microcurrent facial is right for you. 

A microcurrent facial stimulates your facial muscles for a natural lift

Microcurrent machines in facial aesthetic applications are used to ‘work out’ the muscles of the face, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance. Microcurrent uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate muscle, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell growth, and collagen development in the dermis on the face. And, if you've been paying attention to what everyone tells us is aging us, it's the loss of collagen and muscle tone that makes our skin look lax and encourages wrinkles and fine lines. 

Microcurrent facials tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, skin cells and muscle cells. It's a like a visit to the gym for your face.

Microcurrent is really nothing new, in fact, microcurrent has been around for decades, especially in physical therapy, so it is very safe, effective, and targeted.  Physical therapists have used microcurrent therapy treatments since the 1970s for pain relief and even facial paralysis conditions, like Bell's Palsy. 

A microcurrent facial is a pain-free experience

There is a gentle, zingy feeling — my not-so-technical term — and occasionally as the current is applied near the nerve attached to the muscle, it will jump,”. “This isn’t painful, it just feels ‘alive’. Most patients love the feeling since it makes them confident that something is happening, and a connection has been made!”

As always, the price depends on your location but we have a great deal!

It is common to pay anywhere from $250 to $500 per session for microcurrent depending on your [location], with LA, Miami, and NYC being the most popular with higher price points. At Recharge, we offer a 6-session package of microcurrent facial for $355.

Does it take more than one session to get the best results?

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll get the best results from microcurrent facials when you do them consistently. The power in its effect is cumulative, meaning the benefits add up and stick around with frequent treatments. There are a few reasons to consider a microcurrent facial. You have an event to attend and you want to look your absolute best (think high school or college reunion or maybe your son's wedding and your ex-husband's new wife will be attending.)

If you want to use microcurrent as a substitute for botox or fillers then it works best in a package because, just like the gym, if you only go once, know what happens.

If you’re new to microcurrent facials, Recharge will work the settings according to your skin and create a treatment plan that works for you.  

Your treatment plan may also vary on how quickly you want lasting results. In general, most clients will benefit from weekly sessions for about 4-6 weeks and then move to a bi-weekly protocol, or even monthly.  If we are fast-tracking someone for a wedding or an event, then weekly truly is necessary but even one session on the day of an event or the day before will have you looking lifted and refreshed, especially when combined with an exfoliating and hydrating treatment. 

Some people should avoid a microcurrent facial

While microcurrent facials are minimally invasive, there are some people who shouldn’t have a microcurrent facial.

All skin types are safe for microcurrent, which is why it's such a natural facial. However, patients with pacemakers, metal implants, or who have open sores, such as severe acne, should avoid the microcurrent facial or at least hold off until we address issues such as acne. People who are pregnant or nursing may also want to avoid the procedure.

And if you’ve had certain face treatments, you also aren’t a good candidate. Those who have had a lot of Botox or neurotoxin may not benefit from the upper face treatment on microcurrent since their muscles are frozen. In this case, wait until the Botox has worn off. But, in the areas where there is no Botox such as cheekbones and jawlines, microcurrent can make an amazing difference. 

Microcurrent can keep it natural

Looking for a natural treatment to fight off aging, keep microcurrent in mind. Aside from surgery to tighten muscles, microcurrent is really the only proven modality to lift the face and of course, certainly the only one with no downtime!

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