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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

In today's wellness landscape everyone wants to try the latest wellness therapy, whether it's full body cryotherapy or IV Vitamin drips or a host of others therapies and for the most part as long as your credit card is approved many wellness spas are happy to oblige. Club Recharge was designed and built with a specific idea of body wellness in mind. To us here at the club it doesn't make much sense to sell a client a Vitamin C - IV Drip Therapy without testing to see if our clients body is actually deficient in Vitamin C. We can't justify selling one of ten different cocktails of IV Therapy with really cool names that don't actually help our clients.

Our approach at Club Recharge is to solve actual wellness problems that may be holding our client back from living a normal healthy life. That is why we continue to spend on testing equipment like Inbody scales, Korr metabolic testing and partnering with companies like VIOME - digestive analysis and Everlywell Blood Testing to help our clients learn as much about their bodies as they can so they are able to make intelligent decisions about their health moving forward.

Recently our members have started asking when will Club Recharge begin to offer IV Therapy and the short answer is when we are ready. To be among the leaders in the wellness space we may not always be the first to offer certain therapies, but when we do offer a therapy it will make sense to our clients why we are recommending them.

Club Recharge is currently forming strategic partnerships with Vessel Health to give us the ability to test for food allergies, environmental intolerance, vitamin deficiencies and metal toxicity. Once we have thoroughly examined and tested the results we then will begin to offer IV Drip Therapy.

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