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Make Yourself And Your Health A Priority

Updated: May 7

Customers come into Club Recharge on a daily basis with weight loss issues, pain issues or a host of other ailments looking for answers. The biggest single issue we face with each customer is trying to make them understand that they need to become more of a priority in their own life. By that I mean they have to learn how to make themselves and their health a higher priority. We see this most with our weight loss clients. After we complete their body analysis, we sit and talk with each client to discuss their goals and objectives and 10 our 10 clients have the same issue. They simply put their own health down on the list so far that it becomes a non-issue.

Being healthy is not genetic or something that is automatic. It takes a conscious effort to remember to live a healthy life style and take care of your body. Your body can wear down, it can be drained of energy and trap you.

If you learn one thing at Club Recharge that it is like anything else in the world maintenance is far cheaper that a complete overhaul. Weight loss as an example is a conscious effort to eat healthier get some exercise and make yourself a priority.

The simple things you do in your life can make the biggest differences. I often see people make a change and suddenly change everything in their life all at once. They go from no healthy foods and no exercise to an all out assault on health foods and constant workouts. This may work for a short time, but will eventually fail, because it was impossible to maintain and to many of your current priorities will slip.

My advise to my clients is to begin slowly. Take 30 minutes from each busy day to do something for your health, exercise or relax it doesn't matter just be mindful that those 30 minutes belong to you and your health. By starting slowly and avoiding all of the traps that are obvious, you will be able to make steady progress and over time make enough room for 1-2 hours a day for yourself. Another reason I recommend the slow process is that it make take the others in your life a while to see your changes and want to become part of your workout group or to learn your healthy food choices. Once it catches fire it becomes a new way of living.

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