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Are Stress And Fat Really Linked?

Updated: May 7

At Club Recharge we are always preaching the science of everything. The science behind our therapies and science behind your body. Here is one that many of you probably don't know or may never believe. Stress can make you fat!

First, stress creates the desire to eat more. Second, stress triggers the release of hormones such as cortisol and betatrophin that increase abdominal fat and slow metabolism respectively. Third, fat-to-brain signaling appears to increase stress levels as part of a feedback loop that entrenches this vicious cycle.

So in other words going on a diet while you are experiencing high levels of stress in your life will end in yet another failed diet attempt.

The biggest reason your diet may fail is because you are ignoring the science inside your body. There are many factors with regards to a healthy weight loss program or diet if you want to use that term and from my perspective using the science is the best path with the most successful results.

I recently became another sad statistic in America when my wife wanted out of our 25 year marriage without any warning. The amount of stress this caused in mine and my children's life was overwhelming. My 11 year old son that had just successfully completed my scientific weight loss program losing 40lbs over 9 months was rudely interrupted by this very stressful event in his life. Within 6 months of the divorce being filed my son regained the 40lbs and added an additional 20lbs just for extra measure. My wife attempted to use the same scientific approach i taught her the first time to achieve the same results he did previously with no success. When i finally realized what was happening to him, i politely asked my wife to stop any diet she was doing and just let him eat. His body and his weight finally leveled off and more importantly his metabolic stopped crashing. It reached a low of 1100 calories which will cause anyone to gain weight.

Over the next 3 months i began building his metabolic rate using the science behind his body. We stayed away from diets and the scale and i removed as many of the stresses in his life as i could. My son continued to eat like normal without any food restrictions and i simply worked at keeping as much stress out of his life as possible. At the end of 90 or so days i re-tested his metabolic rate and it successfully recovered to a whopping 1750 calories. When his metabolic rate fully recovers to a normal 11 year olds rate of approximately 2000+ calories we will begin the scientific process all over again.


Having a child with weight issues may be a concern of yours, rightfully so, but adding more stress to your child's life by focusing on the problem will only make the problem worse. I often speak with parents that have concerns about their child's weight and try to tell them the importance of keeping their thoughts to themselves. As a parent there is a lot you can do to help your child deal with his weight issues, but shining a light on the problem will only make it worse.


Club Recharge has all of the technology to achieve the safest way to losing weight for the long term. Understanding the science behind your body will help you much more with the battle of losing weight then simply depriving yourself of food. Stop into Club Recharge and learn what you need to know about a healthy weight.

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