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Club Recharge Robert Wallace

Founder & CIO - Chief Idea Officer

Robert Wallace

As a person that has always been fascinated with the science behind the human body's natural power to heal itself, I wanted to see if their was a way to help speed up the natural process.   So, after years of researching, studying and testing wellness modalities I discovered that the science being done was real and so were the results.  

I may have not discovered the fountain of youth, but what I found was really close.   The human body may be able to heal itself on its own, but I discovered if you give it a little boost and take fairly good care of it, that it will perform much better, with less sickness or aches and pains associated as you age.

Club Recharge Alexa Wallace

Chief Financial Officer for Club Recharge

Alexa Wallace

I’ve been an athlete since the age of six.   Like so many athletes after performing for so long you run into injury as well and the progression of you getting better decreases and your left confused.


Having those answers to why and what was happening to my body would have been a game changer for me . I’m here now to be that answer for athletes and help them overcome these injury’s and challenges and help them become the best athlete they can be. My ultimate goal is to take the guess work out of athletic performance and educate the athlete about their body. 

Club Recharge Kenneth Wallace

President of Operations for Club Recharge

Kenneth Wallace

As a service member in the Ohio National Guard and a amateur body-builder I experience regular wear and tear on my body, more so than the average person. Club Recharge has made a lasting impact on my life and my body allowing me, service members, and other passionate fitness buffs to not only recharge our bodies but allow us to push ourselves further. 


As a founder of Club recharge I see transformations in peoples lives that bring tears to my eyes. The impact we’ve helped foster in peoples health is something awe inspiring and generates a sense of service and duty in not only me but in other members of the club. The community that we’ve founded here is something similar to what I’ve created in the military and carries over to each and every location we create. 

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