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When customers come into Club Recharge looking for information on weight loss I am always surprised how many people still answer the one simple question I ask, wrong. So I will ask all of those of you that follow my blog the same question. Which is, what method would help your body lose weight faster (a) proper diet, or (b) proper diet with weekly exercise? Its not a trick question. It makes perfect sense and scientific studies have repeatedly concluded the same answer,

The correct answer is (A). How could this be many of you are wondering? The simple answer is that a moderate exercise routine only burns about 250-350 calories, yep that's it. That is less than one cupcake, one slice of pizza, one candy bar, you are starting to get my point. Let me explain in a little more detail.

First let me state that exercise is great for your body, and I will always promote exercise as part of good health program, its just not the best way to lose weight for overweight or obese people. The processes that are put in motion when you begin a regular exercise routine are fairly complex with complex medical terms, but i will simplify it for all of my non-science nerds. When you begin exercising on a regular basis your body will begin to change in obvious ways. Your muscles will begin to grow which is obvious and by the way a good thing. Less obvious to most people is what also grows at the same time is your appetite. The hormones and chemicals in your body, like leptin levels are also effected. Your body quickly recognizes the increased need for energy and muscles require the most amount of energy. The brain will begin to send and receive signals that will make adjustments that makes the energy available to the body for your exercise program. If your diet is not strictly controlled it is very easy to over eat when you attempt to suppress your new bigger appetite.

I have way over simplified the actual processes that take place in the body, but the short answer is that appetite suppression is difficult to control and next to impossible to properly suppress with the exact amount of calories. Trying to suppress a 1,000 calorie appetite with 200 calories is very difficult and if you are unsuccessful each day, you negate the 300 calorie workout you did to lose the weight.

The method I give to my customers at the club is to work on your nutrition first and get the body to start losing weight. Once you are well on your way with your weight loss journey is when you should add exercise to your weight loss program.

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