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Weight Loss & The State of Mind!!

Updated: May 7

Losing weight is a goal of many Americans and your choices or options for the method you choose may determine your overall success. Standing on the other side of the table from a weight loss customer with the perspective of how we guide each client through their journey of weight loss can be as complicated as the bodies process of losing weight. Recently I was reminded by a client 90 day review where many weight loss program processes fail even though they achieve the results.

In December a client stopped into Club Recharge to inquire about our weight loss program. I walked them slowly through the process of how we are different from other weight loss programs and that our program requires a certain amount of dedication to be successful which the client understood and agreed to. As with all customers I explained how the body was going to react to this change, that there will be set backs, there will be times that the results don't make sense and that we were not promising a quick fix that people have grown accustomed to. This particular client understood and agreed to do it our way and follow our program exactly the way its laid out.

On the ninety day anniversary from the beginning of their weight loss journey we ran the same three scans that we ran on day 1 and the results were as we predicted. The client was less than impressed with the numbers to say it kindly, even though they were exactly what I claimed they would be. As I began to speak to the client about their numbers their frustrations were obvious and the mind set had completely changed in the same ninety day time frame. Even though their body had made significant changes and was on the path to long term successful, healthy weight loss the clients mind was on the verge of throwing in the towel and giving up.


The client had a starting weight of 262 lbs and an ending weight of 260 lbs. Now at first glance the numbers look like and epic fail for all of that time, effort and money spent but it wasn't until this moment that I realized where I failed my client. I have been told that I talk a lot by many people and I take no offense to it, quite honestly I have a lot of information to cover on the subject and in most occasions little patience. In the case of this customer I spent a great deal of time telling them all about the scientific changes that were going to happen to their body, but because of the time it takes for me to explain the bodies process of losing weight I failed to explain why this was important to their long term success. During the ninety day followup evaluation the customers mind had checked out about halfway through our discussion and was not interested to learn how great the news actually was and how great his numbers were. When you looked deeper into the details of the numbers a completely different impression of the results should have been made. This client actually lost 11 lbs of body fat, gained 4 lbs of muscle and increased cellular water by 9 lbs all together these numbers clearly show a 24 lb change to the body in a healthy scientific way. Their fat was reduced significantly or by more than 12%, their muscle increased by 10% and water weight can be easily lost

To further explain this, weight loss is about fat loss, not actual weight. Having a certain weight is not a health risk, but having a high percentage of fat is a risk. On the other hand a low percentage of lean muscle lowers your metabolic rate and leads to body aches and pains, so increasing lean muscle effects calorie intake requirements and overall body health. Lastly having a higher water retention is easily rectified with sauna or any form of sweating. This clients numbers were actually off the charts good, but yet I still failed my client by not completely explaining in advance what their goals were.

I have learned from this mistake and I hope I haven't lost this client.

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30 Mar 2021

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