Updated: Nov 7, 2020

When people are first introduced to Club Recharge, they have no idea what we are or more importantly what we do. The simple explanation of Club Recharge is that we are a time machine, well not exactly a time machine, but we are in the same category. At Club Recharge we help individuals roll back the hands of time to a time that they were not in constant pain and soreness, their skin wasn't sagging or full of wrinkles, their hair wasn't thinning or falling out, their stress levels were low and their waist line wasn't out of control. Club Recharge is a complete body revitalization & wellness studio that works with individuals using the science behind 70+ unique therapeutic technologies to improve the overall look and wellness of our clients bodies. This combined with our knowledgeable staff or what we like to call them "body mechanics" are guaranteed to make you look and feel better.

We spent over 11 months researching hundreds of therapeutic technologies that helped individuals improve their bodies look and overall wellness. We identified those therapies which had scientific evidence from either university or medical studies that demonstrated the clinical effectiveness from using the therapy and put them all at one location for our customers convenience.

At Club Recharge the main thing we focused on when selecting each therapy was the scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Manufacturers in the wellness industry often make far reaching or outrageous claims as to what conditions their product helps without any scientific basis. While other manufacturers rely on medical professional endorsements. In our world neither method supports the effectiveness of their therapy. Instead we reviewed the scientific journals and read hundreds of scientific studies that used real world human subjects from all over the globe to verify the overall success and effectiveness of the therapy. This way Club Recharge could stand behind our results and know with a high degree of certainty the outcome of our customers wellness.

Customers often ask why we don't have a specific treatment they have received at other spas and the short answer is that their no conclusive scientific data that supports it's effectiveness. Two specific therapies know as the "oxygen facial" and "oxygen bar" are in this category. We have read dozens of clinical studies on both of these treatments that clearly demonstrate that blowing oxygenated air on your skin or sitting at bar with a mask on your face breathing oxygen for 1 hours has no therapeutic effects on your body. Although both therapies sound really cool neither therapy has any scientific data supporting them. More importantly is if they are using oxygen gas for either, by law they must be supervised by a medical doctor.


Once all of the hard work of thoroughly researching each therapy was done we started on the next phase of the project, building the facility. We knew how many effective therapies we had and how many conditions we could treat, but we needed to assemble them in some sort of order that would make our clients sessions positive, efficient and cost effective. We came up with a dozen different ways to layout the club and after many nights of debate we settled the Lab format.