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What is Club Recharge?

Updated: May 7

When people are first introduced to Club Recharge, they have no idea what we are or more importantly what we do. The simple explanation of Club Recharge is that we are a time machine, well not exactly a time machine, but we are in the same category. At Club Recharge we help individuals roll back the hands of time to a time that they were not in constant pain and soreness, their skin wasn't sagging or full of wrinkles, their hair wasn't thinning or falling out, their stress levels were low and their waist line wasn't out of control. Club Recharge is a complete body revitalization & wellness studio that works with individuals using the science behind 70+ unique therapeutic technologies to improve the overall look and wellness of our clients bodies. This combined with our knowledgeable staff or what we like to call them "body mechanics" are guaranteed to make you look and feel better.

We spent over 11 months researching hundreds of therapeutic technologies that helped individuals improve their bodies look and overall wellness. We identified those therapies which had scientific evidence from either university or medical studies that demonstrated the clinical effectiveness from using the therapy and put them all at one location for our customers convenience.

At Club Recharge the main thing we focused on when selecting each therapy was the scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Manufacturers in the wellness industry often make far reaching or outrageous claims as to what conditions their product helps without any scientific basis. While other manufacturers rely on medical professional endorsements. In our world neither method supports the effectiveness of their therapy. Instead we reviewed the scientific journals and read hundreds of scientific studies that used real world human subjects from all over the globe to verify the overall success and effectiveness of the therapy. This way Club Recharge could stand behind our results and know with a high degree of certainty the outcome of our customers wellness.

Customers often ask why we don't have a specific treatment they have received at other spas and the short answer is that their no conclusive scientific data that supports it's effectiveness. Two specific therapies know as the "oxygen facial" and "oxygen bar" are in this category. We have read dozens of clinical studies on both of these treatments that clearly demonstrate that blowing oxygenated air on your skin or sitting at bar with a mask on your face breathing oxygen for 1 hours has no therapeutic effects on your body. Although both therapies sound really cool neither therapy has any scientific data supporting them. More importantly is if they are using oxygen gas for either, by law they must be supervised by a medical doctor.


Once all of the hard work of thoroughly researching each therapy was done we started on the next phase of the project, building the facility. We knew how many effective therapies we had and how many conditions we could treat, but we needed to assemble them in some sort of order that would make our clients sessions positive, efficient and cost effective. We came up with a dozen different ways to layout the club and after many nights of debate we settled the Lab format.

At Club Recharge we have 23 different specialized labs that each treat a different part of the body or ailment the body has. Starting with a lab dedicated to PAIN, America's single biggest ailment. Because there are hundreds of different types of pains and just as many places on the body the individuals has pain in, we segregated 12 therapies solely designed to eliminate pain and assigned them to the Pain Lab. There are other labs in the club that help reduce pain symptoms but the therapy works in a different manner to eliminate pain symptoms so we had to give them their own rooms.

Slowly we found a lab that each of the 70+ therapies would fit into nicely from our Altitude Lab to the Muscle Lab. Each lab we designed had a single purpose or ailment to contend with for our customers to get under control or improve their quality of life. Since we are the first of our kind we had no business model to copy or pricing method to compare to and we wanted to make sure that our customers received the proper number of treatments to be effective at a price that was affordable.

We had two problems to contend with to make it fair for all of our clients. Some clients only needed 4 treatments a month to alleviate their symptoms, while others needed 12 treatments. The next problem was some of our clients conditions required a therapeutic piece of equipment that cost the club $4,000 while other customers required a therapeutic piece of equipment that had a cost of $40,000. In either case the customer did not choose their ailment and it didn't seem fair to charge one customer substantially more than another based on a problem they did not have any control over.

So in our pricing model we threw out how much each piece of equipment cost the club to purchase and came up with a credit model that would be based on our customers therapeutic requirements. For example a client with lower back pain typically requires 1 session a week to achieve results. As opposed to a client with diabetic neuropathy that requires 4 sessions a week to achieve optimum results. This model made it fair for a customer that only needed 4 treatments to get better that currently cost $129 per month versus a customer that needed four times as many treatments or 16 treatments for $249.

By using this format we could ensure that our staff could always recommend the best therapy versus the highest profit while also ensuring that the customer received the correct number of therapy treatments in order to improve their quality of life and achieve the best outcome. We are told everyday by our clients how refreshing it is to see an honest business which is always nice to hear but at the same time we believe should be the standard in all businesses.


How is Club Recharge Different? Club Recharge is different than every other similar spa type business in our methods for selecting therapies, how we sell our therapies and how we price each therapy. We are a results driven business, so we focus less on how to take money from your pocket and more on what we need to do to make you look and feel better. For example, we don't charge $350-$1500 per session to freeze or melt fat in the troubled areas of your body when we know the science has demonstrated that you need 5-6 sessions for best results. At Club Recharge we sell the complete package of 6 session for $599, to ensure that we attain the best results for each customer. We use this same method for everything at the club and for those rare cases that we are unable to achieve the promised results using the recommended sessions, Club Recharge will continue treatments for Free until we achieve the results promised to our client.


I am aware that nobody ever wants to throw the baby out with the bath water, but in the case of Club Recharge and certain therapies we thought it was needed. Let's take the difference between traditional weight loss program versus the scientific approach deployed at Club Recharge.

Many people want to go on a diet for obvious reasons. The problem is some people can't or more importantly shouldn't go on a diet until their body is ready. Biologically everyone's body is very similar, but scientifically each body is unique and there is no one size fits all program that works for everyone. We often have clients come in to join our diet and weight loss program and they are always puzzled why we don't just take their money and sign them up. Here is why. Until we collect the scientific data no one can look at an individual and see if their body is ready to go on a diet. What i mean is how is the engine in their body running. I had a young lady come into the club that was over weight that badly wanted me to sell her a miracle treatment to make her skinny. After performing three tests/analysis we found that her metabolic rate was 1,130 calories with less than 20 lbs of lean muscle. I explained to her that her body was not ready to diet and that if she attempted a diet she would most likely fail very shortly after starting. She confirmed with me that she has already tried everything on the market and failed miserably. I explained to her that it was not her fault that her body just wasn't ready yet. People attempting to diet often fail and blame the product they were using, claiming it didn't work when instead their body simply wasn't ready.

WHAT WE DO Differently!

Customers often ask what we do different in weight loss, In a word, Everything. Our weight loss program is more like science class than a weight loss program. The first thing people need to know before attempting a diet is what you are about to put your body through is somewhat traumatic. Your body is one of the most complex machines ever invented and its ability to adapt to changing conditions is simply astounding. Few people attempting a diet realize that one of the biggest consumers of calories in your body is your brain and depriving it of essential nutrients by going on a 1,000 calorie diet is unsafe or may be dangerous. The young lady I spoke about earlier was in that exact situation. The healthy way to diet is to build a bigger engine or raise your metabolic rate first to a normal level before you attempt to deprive your body of calories. When you deprive the brain of essential nutrients all sorts of adverse effects may happen from low or no energy to your hair falling out, remember your brain's job is to keep you alive and it will adjust to the circumstances to protect itself.

The next big hurdle to overcome is LEPTIN, the chemical in you're body that is produced to remind you when you are hungry and that you should eat. Leptin cannot be overcome or beaten with sheer will power. It is your bodies emergency alert system and will increase in intensity if you ignore it. This is what diet pills usually attack to suppress your appetite.

The next hurdle is cortisol which is another chemical in your body's that has some direct control over your metabolic rate. People under stress often "stress eat". The stress will cause your body to produce more cortisol slowing your metabolic rate and leptin will make you hungry causing a huge calorie indifference and the pounds of extra weight will pile on quickly.

At Club Recharge we focus on the science. Our goal is to re-train the body and make it feel safe so that it doesn't try to protect you by storing excess food. We help you achieve this by reducing stress levels using some of the relaxing therapies available at the club and we also help you sleep better with other therapies. The young lady I spoke about earlier with the 1,130 metabolic rate in 4 short weeks has increased her metabolic rate to over 1,750 calories. She is still excited to lose weight and her body will be ready when we get her metabolic rate surging over 2,000 calories. Depriving your body of 200 calories a day is much easier to do with a metabolic rate of 2,500 versus a metabolic rate of 1,300 calories.

The next thing we do differently at Club Recharge is we throw out the scale. Why would we throw out the scale in a weight loss program you ask? Because it is not your intended goal. Your intended goal is to look in the mirror and feel better about yourself from the reflection the mirror gives back. Take it from a person that has helped hundreds of people lose weight. My customers get less excited about what the scale says they weigh and more excited when they fit into a size 5 pair of jeans. If you have ever known someone that has lost weight and can now fit into off the rack clothes you'll understand. That look on their face and their overall demeanor could care less about what the scale claims they weigh, neither do we.


Why scales don't matter. Your body is made up of approximately 60% water, so a 200lb person is made up of approximately 120lbs of water. So if you start a diet and lose 5 lbs according to the scale how do you know if you lost fat or are just dehydrated. You don't because the typical bathroom scale doesn't know and the home versions of body composition scales are not very accurate that is why they are $100 and not $10,000 like the one at Club Recharge. Besides that, obsessing about a number on a scale will increase your cortisol levels every time you step on one and the number is not less than yesterday which in-turn will slow your metabolic rate which will make it harder to lose weight. My advice to anyone starting a diet is simply throw out the scale and get yourself a $1 paper tape measure that you can wrap around your different body parts once every other week. Twice a month is all you need.


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT try to lose weight too quickly. Here is why. The TV show "The Biggest Loser" had 14 successful seasons showing individuals how to lose weight. Don't get me wrong they inspired millions of people to lose weight, which by itself is absolutely great but scientifically not the best way to lose weight. Contestants were losing 10-13 pounds in a week which looked great to the audience, but what was not understood was their bodies were going to panic. 13 out of the 14 winners now weigh more than they did before the show, through no fault of their own. Their body was terrified and when they began burning huge amounts of calories with their last chance workouts and depriving their bodies of calories simultaneously, they caused their bodies to defend itself. These contestants metabolic rates dropped through the floor when their bodies tried to protect itself by putting the weight back on. They now have to start all over and slowly build up their metabolic rates before they can lose the weight again.

Science now understands a great deal more about fat cells than it did 20 years ago. What medicine thought fat cells roles were was simply a storage organ for excess calories. They now understand that they play a far bigger role in your body than just storage.

There are far more details that need to be considered when choosing to go on a diet, but we wanted to show you how our process is uniquely different than all of the other programs.

The same thing generally applies to all of the other 70 therapies at Club Recharge. We invite you to stop in and speak with one of our body mechanics about how we can help you gain a better quality of life.

Club Recharge - 14490 Pearl Road - Strongsville - OH 44136. Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-8PM - Saturday-Sunday-12PM-5PM (Phone: 440-567-1146) #clubrecharge

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