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Your Body is at War!

Updated: May 7

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week your body is at war in a fight for survival. It is under constant attack from viruses and pathogens that are attempting to kill or mutate cells that were designed to protect or heal your body. This war is made even more difficult for the body by the way the typical American treats it. Terrible nutrition, alcohol consumption, over the counter medications are just a few of the damaging things we do as American's to make this war nearly impossible for the body to win. Americans on average live 8-10 years less than other countries because both their government and cultural beliefs are built around health and wellness. This is not a lecture from me, but rather a way to open your eyes to what may be the root of all of your problems related to your physical or mental health issues.

I will start with vitamins and minerals. Your body needs 13 essential vitamins and 8 essential minerals to protect and heal itself. They are called essential because your body cannot make them and without them you will die. Each one of these vitamins and minerals are responsible for a specific cellular function & life and are necessary to complete any metabolic function within your body. Normally we receive these vitamins and minerals from proper nutrition. Deficiencies and overloads of these vitamins are stored by your body to balance the uptake. It would be nearly impossible for humans to exist if our bodies system required exact vitamin and mineral supplementation on a daily basis, so our bodies have evolved to store excess vitamins and minerals in parts of the tissue and organs to ensure an exact level of these vitamins and minerals are released when they are needed. The most important vitamins & minerals required to maintain normal body function are stored by the body for longer duration's. For example your body only stores small amounts the water soluble B vitamins for approximately 1-2 days, were as Vitamin D is stored in the body for up to 4 months and even with these high tolerances, up to 30% of Americans are still deficient in vitamin D. Equally as dangerous as vitamin deficiency is to the human body, so to is vitamin overload or vitamin toxicity. Simply taking vitamin D supplements everyday because your doctor told you 10 years ago that you were deficient is equally if not more dangerous to your life. The message that vitamins are safe, necessary and good for you is on its surface is wrong and is consequently dangerous. Vitamin overloads in many cases are toxic to the body and can suppress vitamin absorption of other critical vitamins & minerals, so even if you are eating healthy your body simply cannot absorb these vitamins.

The human body needs far more maintenance than a simple 1 a day multivitamin to operate at its best and in many cases those vitamins are doing more harm than good. Our medical system has been designed to fix and treat the symptoms of your bodies inability to function normally rather than educating the American population how to care for their bodies. Many of these life saving vitamins and minerals are stored in the liver and kidneys, while at the same time our bodies try to combat the onslaught of vitamins overloads and deficiencies of other critical micro-nutrients. Add to this the complications injected into these life sustaining vital organs that alcohol consumption, prescription medications and poor nutrition of a typical American has and you have the recipe to cut 8-10 years off of your life.

To complicate this problem further simply add parents that conceive a child both which have vitamin & mineral deficiencies or overloads and they can produce a child predisposed to life long medical problems or even worse birth defects, mental health issues or possibly death.

Children are often considered by their parents as miracles or blessings and they truly are when you consider all of the obstacles that were in their way just to be born and survive. Many people have claimed to find the fountain of youth, but I think I may have just stumbled across it by accident. Proper levels of these essential vitamins & minerals will most likely prove to be the fountain of youth you all have been looking for.


Zinc deficiency leads to Alzheimer’s Disease

Zinc deficiency may cause Cystic Fibrosis

Zinc in Gut-Brain Interaction in Autism and Neurological Disorders

Zinc intake and abdominal aortic calcification

Zinc Signaling Suppresses Prostate Cancer

Zinc An Emerging Cause in Parkinson’s Disease

Zinc Is an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Zinc Increases Iron Absorption

Zinc is a oxidative stress damage control

Zinc deficiency increases symptoms of depression

Zinc deficiency increases cardiovascular diseases

Zinc deficiencies lead to Type 2 diabetes

Zinc deficiencies lead to Wilson’s disease

Zinc is an antioxidant

Zinc deficiency causes neural tube defects

Zinc deficiency is connected to childhood obesity

Zinc supplementation influences opioid-induced analgesia

Zinc inhibits the reproductive toxicity

Zinc plays an intricate function during an immune response

Zinc deficiencies in mothers leads to increased autism cases

Zinc deficiencies lead to bone disease

Zinc deficiencies reduces immune system responses

Zinc deficiencies increases risks of stroke

Zinc deficiencies increases likeliness of Sepsis

Zinc is being considered as prophylactic or adjunct therapy for COVID-19

Zinc deficiencies may lead to tumor growth

Zinc deficiency can lead to skin disorders

Zinc deficiencies and the Blood-brain Barrier leading to pathological diseases

Zinc has an anti-cancer effect

Zinc Deficiency leads to taste disorders

Zinc Deficiency leads to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Zinc Deficiency leads to Liver Cirrhosis

And the list just continues, but I think I have made my point that one essential mineral lacking or in overload does to your bodies processes.

Please take better care of your body and help it fight the war that its in trying to keep you alive.

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