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Your Injury Healed But Did Your Brain?

Updated: May 7


Recovering from a sports related injury can be difficult and the road to recovery is often times incomplete. Most athletes are able to recover from the physical injury that occurred, but their brain fails to fully heal. The bodies natural process of healing is absolutely magical. Unfortunately the brains process is to heal properly is sometimes delayed and may need to be relearned with training.

When an injury occurs to the body the pain signal leaves a lasting imprint on the body's neurological system. Depending upon on how intense the pain was from the injury will determine how much damage to the bodies neurological system was done. This pain signal can become hardwired into the bodies neurological system lasting long after the injury has healed. For the average person this can lead to chronic pain issues as these signals continue to bounce around the body. For an athlete however, this could lead to a revolving door of injuries and recovery periods.

As your body heals from an injury, your brain will make specific adjustments and compensate attempting to avoid re-injuring that part of your body or more importantly avoid the movement that caused the pain. Subtle changes in posture and muscle movements can place further strains on the bodies frame and lead to longer term problems. After an injury your brain will reprogram itself so that it shifts the weight and movements away from the injured area causing further weakness in the surrounding muscles making it more likely that it will be re-injured in the future.

In other words your brain remembers how the injury occurred and shifts your muscles responsibilities away from the injured area . When you resume competing or practicing your body movements may feel natural but may not resume to full strength.

9 out of 10 athletes that we test at Club Recharge fall into this category and are at risk of future injuries. At Club Recharge we call this your bodies natural balance. Using our technology we can determine if your brain has fully healed from your injury and is operating in its natural balance.

Club Recharge - 14490 Pearl Road - Strongsville - OH 44136.Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-8PM - Saturday-Sunday-12PM-5PM(Phone: 440-567-1146) #clubrecharge

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