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Receive 5 Sessions (30 minutes) of Micron Bubble Oxygen Bath Therapy Treatments


A micro bubble tub uses a pump and an portal to infuse the bath water with millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles super-saturate the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular bath water. The bubbles are small enough to enter the skin's pores, removing impurities and providing oxygen.  The beauty of micron bubbles is in the amazing results you will see and experience after just 20 minutes.  It all starts with the bubbles.  Oxygen-rich micron bubbles to be precise.  These tiny miracles 50 to 100 times smaller than regular air bubbles are the reason for the amazing benefits realized in micron bubble hydrotherapy.  Together, the micron bubbles form a cloud of oxygen in your bath and give you a delightful, effervescent sensation.  Individually, the micron bubbles penetrate gently into your pores for a deeper cleansing, while also leaving behind moisture that plumps your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  When the micron bubbles collapse in the water, they release heat energy, which helps maintain a consistently warm bathing experience without the need to add more hot water. And possibly most importantly, these little miracles, as they implode, release negative ions – known to improve serotonin levels and fight free radicals. 


Club Recharge - 14490 Pearl Road - Strongsville - OH 44136.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM - Saturday 10AM-3PM

(Phone: 440-567-1146) #clubrecharge

5-Sessions Of Micron Bubble Oxygen Bath Therapy

$325.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price

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